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#NeverTrumps No Hope Last Hope

Key players in GOP’s #NeverTrump movement just launched an anti-Trump candidate into the presidential election race.

The #NeverTrumps have been wanting to do this for a long time. After they couldn’t put together a challenge at the RNC Convention this was all they had left. The only question was who on earth would their spoiler candidate be?

Romney knew he was a loser and he couldn’t do it.

Ryan was part of Romney’s losing ticket in 2012 and he was afraid to do it.

Everyone knew Kasich shouldn’t do it (everyone apart from Kasich himself that is).

And poor Jeb! had already proved he was too low energy to do it.

We’re talking about challenging Donald Trump.

So who was left?

Answer, nobody.

NeverTrumps candidate Evan McMullinSo that’s exactly who the #NeverTrumps ended up with, a complete nobody.

Unbelievably the Never Trump Republicans have launched a complete nobody into the presidential race. They might as well have launched him into outer space for all the impact he will make.

The poor fool is called Evan McMullin, a previously unheralded conservative staffer. He is establishment through and through, having worked for the CIA, Goldman Sachs and the United Nations. Oh, and he’s pro Muslim, but only because he thinks Trump is anti-Muslim – which is not true, Trump is just pro American.


Running Where?

Apparently McMullin will be running as a third-party conservative alternative to Donald Trump.

But running where is the big question. More than half (26) state ballots are already closed, including Electoral College-rich states like Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Another seven states and Washington DC have deadlines that close end of this week — including Ohio, California, Colorado, and New Hampshire. That leaves a grand total of 17 states still open next week, and only five of those have ballot deadlines past the end of this month.

voteboxOf course McMullin has no chance of ever becoming president. But that’s not what is important to the people backing him. They don’t expect him to win.

The best he can do is take a few votes – and it will be a few – from Republican Party nominee Donald Trump. The establishment #NeverTrumps are secretly hoping the other establishment candidate, Crooked Hillary, will win. All they think they need to do is damage Trump enough to let her have the White House.

The #NeverTrumps are self-centered establishment hacks who cannot come to terms with the fact that the American people have rejected their failed strategy and policies.

Their sheer arrogance is matched only by their massive stupidity.


Trump Won The Nomination

Their best outcome as a result of this treacherous intervention – which is also the worst outcome for America – would be a win for Crooked Hillary and at least four more years of Obama’s failed policies.

They will also have given away the Supreme Court, because by the end of a Crooked Hillary term it will have been loaded with left-wing socialists who will vote down anything and everything that does not line up with their liberal socialist agenda – no matter who the president may be in 2020 or future years.

It is a short-sighted strategy by people who have no love for their country and no respect for the democratic process.

Trump clinches Republican Party nominationTrump won the Republican nomination fair and square. He obtained a record number of votes in the primaries despite millions and millions of dollars being spent on attack ads by the establishment, despite lies and delegate stealing by treacherous Ted Cruz, and despite a concerted campaign by the liberal left media against him – a campaign that is still going on.

It may be that McMullin’s elevator doesn’t quite go to the top floor or he suffers from delusions of grandeur. Why else would he humiliate himself in this way for a bunch of establishment hacks, none of whom would throw their hats into the ring?

The whole idea of his candidacy is absurd, silly, laughable and totally ridiculous.

He is indeed the no hope last hope!




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