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Path To Victory

Despite hitting a rough patch last week – as all campaigns do from time to time – prominent political commentator Pat Buchanan believes that Donald Trump still has a path to victory.

Pat BuchananHe says the first thing Mr. Trump needs to do is, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “Keep your eyes on the prize” — the prize in this case being the presidency.

The only obstacle in Trump’s way is Crooked Hillary and that is where he should be concentrating his attacks.

Buchanan says Trump and his campaign and the Republican Party need to cease attacking one another and redirect all their fire on the sole obstacle between them and a Republican sweep.

It won’t be a complex or difficult a task, believes Buchanan, because, as secretary of state, Crooked Hillary made a compelling case for her being ranked as about the worst in American history.

She began her tenure by breaking State Department rules and setting up a private email server in her home. She compromised U.S. national security, setting off a criminal investigation that ended with the director of the FBI accusing her of lying about everything she told the country about her misconduct.

As of mid-July, 56 percent of Americans thought the Democratic nominee should have been indicted.

Crooked Hillary is a compulsive liar. For example, she told a harrowing story about running under sniper fire across the tarmac of some Balkan airfield, until TV footage showed her accepting a bouquet from a little girl.

Her “reset” with Russia was brushed aside by Vladimir Putin. Spurned by him, she now ridiculously compares Putin to Hitler. Is this the temperament America wants in the First Diplomat, in dealing with nuclear powers?

Benghazi liarsCrooked Hillary was a cheerleader for a war in Libya that left that nation a hellhole of terrorism, requiring another war to clean up. “Benghazi” has today become a synonym both for the selfless heroism of American warriors, and for the squalid mendacity of politicians desperate to cover their fannies. Clinton is in there with the latter, accused of misleading families of the fallen about why their sons died.

Twenty years ago, The New York Times’ William Safire called Crooked Hillary a “congenital liar.” Has her subsequent career disproved or validated that judgment?

However, in spite of all her obvious inadequacies, Buchanan advises that Trump needs not only to make the case against her, but also make the case for himself, and for the ideas that vaulted him to victory in the primaries that brought out millions of new voters.


Trump’s Policies

Trump will secure the Southern border and halt the invasion of illegal immigrants.

trump-wallHe will throw out the Obama tax and trade policies that have betrayed American workers and bled us of our manufacturing power. In all future trade deals, Americanism will replace globalism as our guiding light.

Where Crooked Hillary regards Ruth Bader Ginsburg as her model Supreme Court justice, Trump’s nominees will be in the tradition of Justice Antonin Scalia.

“America First” will be the polestar in foreign policy. Cold War commitments dating to the 1950s, to fight wars for freeloader nations, will all be reviewed. Allies will start standing on their own feet and paying their fair share of the cost of their own defense.

As for the defense of the United States, Peace through Strength, the Eisenhower policy, will be the Trump policy. And as our strength is restored, Trump will, like Ike, Nixon, Reagan and Bush I, negotiate with enemies and adversaries from a position of strength. But we will negotiate.

trump-america-firstAmerica’s era of endless wars — is coming to an end.

Where Crooked Hillary will continue all of the policies that produced the unacceptable present, we will change Washington as it has not been changed since Ronald Reagan rode in from the West.

As for the renegade and cut-and-run Republicans who just won’t come home, as they say at Motel 6, “We’ll leave the light on for you.”

Some sound advice.

And a path to victory.




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