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The VA Scandal

One of the greatest scandals in America is the fact that thousands of veterans have been needlessly dying because the Department of Veterans Affairs is so badly managed that veterans are unable to get the healthcare they need. Veterans-Affairs-ScandalThe organization is plagued with long wait times, substandard service, and outright fraud from the federal government. It is a national disgrace.

VA officials have claimed that their problems stem from a lack of funding. But is that true? Or is it that the money they had at their disposal was not spent on sick veterans and wasted instead?

On many occasions the latter seems to be the case.

According to a new report, between 2004 and 2014, instead of spending the money they had on sick veterans, the VA instead directed more than $20 million of those taxpayer’s funds to “luxury art” projects!

Some of the more ludicrous purchases included:

  • At the VA facility in Palo Alto, California quotes by Abe Lincoln and Eleanor Roosevelt are displayed on the side of a parking garage.  Most people can’t read those quotes since they are in Morse Code;
  • At the same facility the VA spent $1.3 million for a large rock sculpture, site preparation and associated costs;
  • Also in California, $670,000 was spent on a pair of sculptures to – wait for it – decorate a facility serving blind veterans;
  • At another facility $285,000 on more decorative rocks;
  • In Puerto Rico $600,000 spent on artwork for a VA hospital; and,
  • $21,500 spent on an artificial Christmas tree in Ohio.
$1 million + Rock-Sculpture at VA facility California

The $1.3 million rock sculpture at a VA facility in California

Given the gigantic breadth of fraud and mismanagement at the Department of Veterans Affairs, $20 million would not have been enough to fix all the problems.

Nevertheless it is clear that, as some veterans died waiting for doctors’ appointments, the VA channeled much-needed funds away from healthcare and instead, spent lavishly on vanity art projects.

One of Donald Trump’s priorities will be to get rid of the incompetent time-wasters who currently run the VA and replace them with competent managers who have the best interests of veterans foremost in their minds.

Crooked Hillary on the other hand thinks things are just fine the way they are.

Who do you think is right?

And who do you think you should vote for in November?




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