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The FBI Are At It Again

The Comey-led Fumbling Bunglers of Investigations, or FBI, are at it again. They are looking into the hacking of another Democrat Party group and this time it looks like donors have been the target.

FBI Fumbling Bunglers of InvestigationsThe FBI has opened a probe into an intrusion into the computer systems of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), not long after the hack of the DNC’s e-mail and now voicemail systems.

Rather than go after communications, the FBI’s probe indicates that the intruders wanted information about the big contributors.

This latest, previously unreported, incident at the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC, is suspected to be the work of Russian hackers and has led to more accusations, so far unproven, that Moscow is trying to meddle in the U.S. presidential election campaign.

The Kremlin has denied involvement in the DCCC cyber-attack.

It is thought that the newly disclosed breach at the DCCC may have been intended to gather information about donors, rather than to steal money.

This hack started in June, when a spoofing site managed to fake out potential donors and seized their information. According to Reuters’ sources, the IP address of the spoofing site and the “really rare malware” employed to execute the hack have the hallmarks of government-sponsored hacking, or presumably official espionage.

hillary-clinton-pay-to-playIf the DNC email leak produced a major political headache for Democrats, this latest attack on its donors could be extraordinarily damaging for its current fundraising efforts. The Democrats are afraid that donors will cut and run if there is the prospect of sensitive information about them being exposed.

The Democrats throw money around them like water, (other peoples’ money of course), wasting millions of dollars on silly attack ads, as well as on hefty salaries for campaign workers, not to mention paying for protests and protesters at Trump events.

It could get so bad that Crooked Hillary might even have to dip into those millions she collected in her pay to play scam when she was secretary of state!




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