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More Questions Than Answers

Their convention farce is over and the Democrats officially have their nominee. Surprisingly enough after conspiring with the DNC against poor old Bernie, Crooked Hillary accepted the nomination. (That’s a little bit of Trump sarcasm.)

Now she will be fair game for all the investigative writers and journalists out there to expose her corruption and record of incompetence.

Bet you can’t wait for it all to begin.

Well, sorry to have to tell you this, but you’re probably going to have to wait – a long, long time.

Crooked Hillary nonono gifCrooked Hillary has yet to take any questions. The year is already more than half over and Crooked Hillary hasn’t held a single press conference this year. Even with barely 100 more days until the election she apparently no plans to do so.

All she does is hold well scripted campaign appearances with human stage props, answering pre-submitted questions that are carefully screened by her staff to make sure there is nothing in them that will cause difficulties for Crooked Hillary and expose the facade of lies she hides behind.

In other words, they won’t allow questions about all the stuff we really want to hear.

Not only is Crooked Hillary scared of doing interviews, she and her campaign are downright arrogant about it.

“We’ll have a press conference when we want to have a press conference,” Crooked Hillary’s pollster Joel Benenson said on ABC News on Thursday evening.

This is typical Clinton tactics, trying to control the media by reminding them who calls the shots.



Contrast this with the style and openness of Donald Trump.

He constantly talks to the press, does countless interviews, answers questions and generally makes himself available to the media.

HannityTrumpNo subject is off limits, which frequently makes for more headlines than intended as it can sometimes provide ammunition for the liberal attack dogs. But that aside, Trump does provide an attractive contrast to the silence and control surrounding Crooked Hillary.

But she can’t hide forever. For one thing there are debates coming up where she will get a lot harder time that she did during the Democrat primaries. Crooked Hillary will have to answer questions, many questions, and a lot of attention will be focused on her answers.

What does it matter?

It matters a lot Crooked Hillary, you’re about to find that out the hard way!




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