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Hillary’s America:

the Movie

If you haven’t yet got a chance to see ‘Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party’, it should definitely be on your must-do list.

Hillary’s America The Secret History Of The Democratic PartyWhen you do go, take along some of your delusional friends who perhaps still think Crooked Hillary is worth voting for. This movie may change their minds.

‘Hillary’s America’ is a no holds barred expose of Crooked Hillary. The movie has been written and made by conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, and it has quickly become the top-grossing documentary of the year to date at the U.S. box office, amassing $5.2 million in its first dozen days.

Its timely opening during the Republican and Democratic conventions won’t have hurt it in that regard.

Among 2016 documentaries, ‘Hillary’s America’ easily trumps the $4.1 million grossed by ‘Imax A Beautiful Planet’ and the $3.8 million grossed by Michael Moore’s ‘Where to Invade Next’.

Among political documentaries, ‘Hillary’s America’ already ranks No. 10.

Among all documentaries since 1982, ‘Hillary’s America’ ranks 39th in cinematic gross receipts at the moment — with a bullet.

It seems poised to take off over the next few weeks now the conventions are finished. It could easily break the top twenty by the end of summer.

If it can hang on that long in the theaters, it might get a second wind as voters start to focus more on the general election.

People are fed up with the censored and sanitized information being put out by the mainstream media. People want the truth, and this movie will help them get it.

It provides a view of Crooked Hillary that doesn’t rely on mainstream-media narratives or the lies fed by the Clinton campaign machine.

Well done Dinesh D’Souza.

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