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Cutting The (Philadelphia) Cheese

If you are a raving masochist then no doubt you’ll be watching the DNC Convention.

Granted, the protests and seeing the whole thing degenerate into a farce have been entertaining, but the main event of nominating Crooked Hillary and the speeches have been a real drag.

Supporters of Senator Sanders chant his name as they protest on the floor during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in PhiladelphiaThere has been the usual array of unaccomplished politicians, second rate entertainers, a smattering of illegal immigrants and a contingent of bankers and Wall Street financiers, all of whom attempt to convince those interested that Crooked Hillary should be the peoples’ choice for president.

Apart from all the corruption, vote rigging, leaked emails, and so on, the list of those in attendance should be enough to make the average American voter run a mile from the whole thing.

But, if you stuck with it out of curiosity and did happen to listen to any of the things they have been saying, the one overwhelming impression you are left with is that the Democrats have become, not only completely out of touch with Mr. & Mrs. average American, but are openly hostile to them.

We already knew that Obama hated America and American values, now it appears he has spread his contagion to many others in the party.


A Kick In The Teeth

The great hope of many Democrats, the old curmudgeon Bernie, who had spent the past year igniting the enthusiasm of many Democrat supporters, particularly the impressionable millennials, took to the stage in Philadelphia and proceeded to kick his loyal supporters right in the teeth. He pleaded with them to vote for Crooked Hillary, the woman who had stolen the nomination out from under him by conspiring with the DNC.

Bernie not for sale t shirt SOLD 1Sanders got booed for his troubles and rightly so. He had gone from being the inspiration of many, to the Democrat’s version of treacherous Ted Cruz. He let his supporters down – badly!

There was worse to come.

Much of the day was spent listening to Democrat politicians calling for Obamacare to be given to illegal aliens, the destruction of the NRA and the 2nd Amendment, and the usual rigmarole of failed socialist policies that have ruined every country they have in which they have been tried. Take a look at once prosperous Venezuela if you want proof.

The one thing they haven’t mentioned so far is the threat posed to America and the world by radical Islamic terrorism – or as Obama and Crooked Hilary like to call it “workplace violence caused by climate change”.

While ISIS terrorists were busy murdering a priest in France, in Philadelphia the words “ISIS,” or “Islamic,” or “terror,” or “terrorist,” or “terrorism” weren’t even mentioned.

Just like Obama and Crooked Hillary do with radical Islamic terrorism, they think if you don’t say the words the problem doesn’t exist.

For them it is much more important to attack the poor air conditioner which in the minds of Democrats is a bigger threat to national security than ISIS.

Thank goodness this rubbish only lasts another day.

Could anyone in their right mind really vote for this nonsense?




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