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DNC Rigged More Than The Nomination

It now appears that the Democrat establishment rigged more than the nomination. Even the seats in the DNC Convention hall have been rigged too!

Unlike the Republican National Convention, where every delegate received a floor seat, at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia only a handful of state delegations were given floor seats.

Guess how many of those delegations apportioned seats voted for Bernie Sanders?

If your answer is any number above zero then you are wrong. No floor seats were apportioned to delegations loyal Sanders – they all went to delegates loyal to Crooked Hillary.

ap_dnc_divided_delegatesThere were individual Sanders supporters there, but every delegation officially seated on the floor of the Wells Fargo Arena for the 2016 Democratic National Convention are from states won by Crooked Hillary during the primary campaign.

Delegates from Nebraska, Florida, New York, Virginia, Iowa, Arkansas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania are seated in front of the stage in the arena. Crooked Hillary beat Sanders in the primary contests in all of those states. What a coincidence!

Delegates from Maine, Oregon, Utah, and Rhode Island were given some of the worst seats in the hall towards the back. Another coincidence!

And the delegation from North Dakota, a state won by Sanders, was tucked away in a cavern behind South Dakota, a state held by Clinton.

The delegation for Democrats living abroad, a group that voted overwhelmingly for Sanders, is so far away it is probably closer to the International Space Station than it is to the Convention stage!

When you add this bit of manipulation to the hacked email scandal and the rigging of the delegate count, the Democrat convention has lost all credibility as regards being an officially neutral organized gathering.


Too Much

It was all too much for some to take.

After Bernie Sanders moved to nominate Crooked Hillary, a contingent of his delegates marched out of the Wells Fargo Arena chanting “The World is Watching”. They went straight into the press area, where the police barricaded them in the room for about an hour until the situation was diffused.

bernie protesters protesting being silencedA number of demonstrators wore tape over their mouth with the message, “Silenced.”

Others chanted, “This is what democracy looks like.”

Maybe now that everyone is aware of the way they have rigged this election process they should  change their name to the much more accurate “Un-Democrats”.




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The Trump Report: DNC Rigged More Than The Nomination — 2 Comments

  1. The Domonocrats suppressed opposition to the establishment candidate. In contrast, we rejected all the establishment candidates in the Republican party, and put forward someone else!

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