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Comey Testifies Before Congress

Just when America thought the Crooked Hillary email scandal was over, there’s more!

Comey testifies before congressss re Hillary email scandalYesterday Republicans in Congress questioned FBI Director James Comey looking for fresh evidence to prolong the politically damaging saga for Crooked Hillary.

The Hearing was held on Capitol Hill and the Congressmen expressed their anger over Comey’s controversial decision not to seek charges against Crooked Hillary.

Like most other Americans, with the exception of die hard Clinton supporters, the Republican Congressmen are frustrated that Crooked Hillary – who is clearly guilty – was allowed to escape prosecution over her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state.


New Angles

During the hearing, which lasted four-and-a-half hours, some of the Congressmen tried to uncover new angles in the case that they could pursue.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, for example, said he would ask the FBI to probe whether Clinton lied to Congress over her email arrangements.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason ChaffetzThe FBI, Comey said, did not investigate Clinton’s testimony before the House Benghazi panel last year because Congress had not asked it to.

“I think when you come to Congress you need to provide truthful testimony and if you don’t provide truthful testimony there should be a consequence,” Chaffetz told reporters after the hearing. “I thought the FBI was looking at this, but evidently, they’re not. They weren’t looking at it.”

Comey also testified that while people copied on Clinton emails had security clearances, some contractors who maintained the server and lawyers who examined her emails did not.



Republicans want to highlight the fact that Crooked Hillary is completely untrustworthy. They have plenty of ammunition on that front because Crooked Hillary has continually lied to and misled the American public over her motives and use of the private server system. The people know it, the media knows it, the Congressmen know it – the only person who doesn’t seem to know it, even after a year long investigation, is FBI Director Comey!

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy tried to highlight this by asking Comey a series of questions about Crooked hillary’s statements on the issue.

Trey-Gowdy“Secretary Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her emails, either sent or received. Was that true?” Gowdy asked.

“That’s not true,” Comey admitted.

Gowdy continued, “Secretary Clinton said, ‘I did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail, there is no classified material.’ Was that true?”

“There was classified material emailed,” Comey replied.

Unsurprisingly Comey vigorously defended the FBI probe, after all that is what he was there to do. He tried to explain why Crooked Hillary escaped indictment even though he had given a long and detailed list of her gross negligence, particularly with regard to the handling of classified information during his statement on Tuesday.

Comey told the House Oversight and Government Reform panel, “I think she was extremely careless. I think she was negligent — that I could establish.  What we can’t establish is that she acted with the necessary criminal intent.”

Chairman Jason Chaffetz summed up the position of most of us when he said, “We are mystified and confused by the fact pattern that you laid out and the conclusions that you reached. The “Average Joe” would have been led off in handcuffs had they done what Clinton did.”


“C” Is For “Classified”

At Thursday’s hearing Comey also testified that there were three emails found on Clinton’s servers bearing the letter “C” which denotes they were classified, in apparent contradiction of the former secretary of state’s statements.

Clinton_Comey_Emails.But he said it was not clear whether Clinton knew that such a designation denoted classified material, saying “the secretary may not have been as sophisticated as people assume” when it comes to such issues.

Comey also testified that Clinton did not lie to the FBI during their year long probe which culminated with her interview with bureau agents last Saturday.


I guess there is a first time for everything!

He also tried to excuse his decision not to recommend prosecution by saying that the agency did not want to “put people in jail unless we can prove they knew they were doing something they shouldn’t do.” This is either a deliberate smokescreen being thrown up to try to mask the absurdity of Comey’s decision, or it reveals a staggering and dangerous naivety on the part of the Director of the FBI. In either case he should resign his position forthwith.

In short, nothing Comey said at this Hearing does anything to address the concerns the American public have over this disgraceful decision. The good name of the FBI has been tarnished by Director Comey. It will take a long, long time before the public once again have any faith in its integrity and independence.




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