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Islamic Terror In Istanbul

There has been Paris and Brussels and Orlando and now Istanbul, to name just a few of the recent Islamic terror attacks throughout the world.


Istanbul Ataturk airport attack: 41 dead and more than 230 hurt

The blood-lust of these crazed Islamic terrorists knows no bounds. They will murder anyone and everyone who does not agree with them.

Terrorism like that needs a strong and resolute response, especially from the commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation on earth.

So what does Obama do?

You will not believe it.

Obama telephoned the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to offer condolences and the usual White House condemnation was issued – but once again the Obama administration stopped short of attributing the attack to ISIS.

Instead they called it a “heinous terrorist attack” even though their statement drew parallels with other attacks, like Brussels, which were the work of Islamic terrorists.

That was just token condemnation.


Actions Louder Than Words

It is always much more informative to watch what Obama does, rather than what he says. Like Crooked Hillary, he tells lies, you see, and actions always speak much louder than words.

When you look at what he is doing rather than what he is saying, you find that even in the wake of the latest terror attacks Obama is not taking steps to secure America’s borders, nor is he strengthening the forces whose job it is to protect the public and apprehend the terrorists.

Camp Delta Guantanamo BayInstead Obama is pushing forward with what appears to be his current top priority regarding the terrorist threat America faces, namely emptying Guantanamo Bay of Islamic terrorists so they may rejoin their bloody campaign of terror against us.

It’s incredible, but sadly it is true.

In the lame duck months of his presidency, Barrack Insane Obama is shifting strategy to releasing as many of Guantanamo’s prison population as he can so that the numbers remaining are so low that maintaining the camp would be fiscally unjustifiable for Congress.

At a press briefing in February, he said that Guantanamo “drains military resources, with nearly $450 million spent last year alone to keep it running and more than $200 million in additional costs needed to keep it open going forward.”

Review boards are now held every Tuesday and Thursday to expedite the president’s goal of emptying out the camp. Members of the interagency panel come from the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of State, Joint Staff, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.


Contrasting Beliefs

To Obama, nothing is more important than promoting Islam while derogating traditional American values. Be aware that Crooked Hillary has promised to expand upon and continue the policies of the Obama administration.

Obama-With-MuslimsCrooked Hillary will continue to put the terrorists back on to the streets. At the same time she will trash the 2nd Amendment and come after the guns of law-abiding Americans. Any who resist will not be treated with kid gloves like the terrorists, but will be met with harsh laws and consequences. Guantanamo may well be shut by then but Crooked Hillary will find a prison place for anyone who resists her plans to leave America defenseless and vulnerable. There’s at least one place available right now – hers!

Please take serious note of this. As long as either Obama or Crooked Hillary is president, Americans will not be safe. In November vote for someone who will unashamedly put Americans first and who can make America great again.

The contrast between Crooked Hillary and Donald Trump could not be clearer and the choice could not be easier.

vote trump make america great again




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