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brexit-flag1They called it “Brexit”, which is an abbreviation for ‘British Exit from the EU’, and very few people believed it would happen.

But it did.

On Thursday June 23rd the people of the United Kingdom went to the polls in a national referendum to vote on whether they wanted to stay in the European Union or to leave and regain their independence.

They voted to regain their independence. After more than forty years, the UK is leaving the EU.

To say this was a shock result is the understatement of the year – perhaps the decade!

It flew in the face of all the British establishment’s plans, a bit like Donald Trump has upset the plans of the Republican establishment in the presidential election.


A Vision Destroyed

The idea of some kind of “Common Market”, as it was called in the late 1960s and early 1970s, had some merit. It created a trading block of the wealthiest and most industrialised European nations, making it easier and cheaper for them to trade with each other and, at the same time, protecting them from outside competition by the use of tariffs on imported goods.

But then the bureaucrats started to take more and more control. As they did so, they started to create personal “empires” for themselves. The more rules and regulations they created the more minions they needed to employ and the more important they made themselves.

Of course, the countries who made up the “Common Market” or the “European Economic Community” as it had then become known, wasn’t enough for the bureaucrats.

To expand their influence and power even further the bureaucrats continued to add more and more countries into the mix. The problem was that this meant including the poorer European nations, which would become an increasing financial drain on the richer ones. But that did not matter to the bureaucrats because they weren’t paying for it.

Neither were they elected nor accountable to the people, which was the biggest problem of all, especially for citizens of the United Kingdom.

UK EU feeThe British had always been net contributors to the coffers of Europe, meaning that its membership cost British taxpayers more every year than they got out of it.

In addition, because it turned into a bureaucratic nightmare the rules and regulations being churned out daily meant it was becoming more difficult and more expensive for British companies to do business competitively.

It is frighteningly similar to the way Democrat controlled areas of the United States continue to pile on new laws that make it increasing difficult and expensive for companies to do business profitably.


The Last Straw

But the straw that eventually broke this European camel’s back was a recent decree from the bureaucrats that there should be free movement of citizens within the EU, meaning that a citizen of one EU nation could move to, live and work – and get all the state benefits – of any other member nation.

It was a stupid decision and one that came as an unbelievable gift to the poorer European nations.

Brexit breaking point adRicher nations such as Britain, with its very generous welfare system, quickly became overrun with foreign immigrants. The British people saw their local communities invaded, wages lowered, and their free national health system abused and overcrowded.

Most frightening of all, the British have watched as another new and huge deluge of illegal immigrants has been stampeding into countries like Germany, Sweden, etc., from the Middle East and Africa.

The whole thing was completely out of control and, in a similar way to Trump has suggested in America, the British people wanted desperately to regain control over their borders.



When the elite saw that they were losing ground to the Brexit campaign they panicked. Prime Minister Cameron – who resigned following the referendum result –  and some other prominent politicians simply lied their heads off and made nonsensical exaggerated claims of doom and gloom to try to intimidate people into continuing their membership of the EU.

There were ludicrous warnings of World War III, nation fighting nation in Europe, cuts in pensions, increases in taxes, recessions and all sorts of other threats that had no basis.

Obama warning to Brits not to leave EU are ignoredThe globalist financial institutions, including the IMF, joined in the intimidation. So too did government organizations. Even Obama stuck his nose into the mix by arrogantly threatening to send the UK to “the back of the queue” on trade negotiations if they voted to leave the EU.

Mind you Obama had to do a quick climb down when the result of the British vote was known. Instead of spurious and empty threats his tune now was much friendlier.

“While the UK’s relationship with the EU will change, one thing that will not change is the special relationship that exists between our two nations,” Obama said during remarks at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. “That will endure.”


Lessons For America

Pundits and pollsters in the UK vastly underestimated the deep anger of grassroots British voters outside metropolitan areas in a similar way as they have done in the United States, where Clinton now enjoys a lead in national surveys.

They similarly miscalculated the mood of American voters during the Republican primaries.

It is not a big stretch of the imagination to wonder whether the kind of political message that was so powerful in the British referendum – particularly demands to “take our country back” – could prove just as effective among blue-collar workers in rust belt states in the United States.

Certainly, it’s a message that Trump – who supported “Brexit” – has been successfully using so far. Trump is still the runaway favorite on the crucial issues of national security, the economy and immigration.

He will get an additional boost after this week’s Supreme Court decision that dealt a blow to Obama’s immigration actions. Trump’s opposition to Obama’s “executive amnesty” has been a cornerstone of his campaign.

Trump pointing to make America great again hatThe European Union is a political experiment gone badly wrong. It is now a flawed and failing political entity. The British vote, which is widely regarded as a populist rebuke against the political elites, could be just the first of many other such moves to leave. Many other countries, such as The Netherlands, France, Denmark and Sweden are looking seriously at the British decision to exit the EU and have growing numbers of their own citizens who also feel extremely discontent with their membership.

Voters in America face a similar choice in November. The British vote has given Donald Trump the confidence and the evidence to say to Americans, ‘Look at what the Brits did – we CAN make America great again’.




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