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More People Trust Trump

The media has been full of headlines this month telling everyone that Donald Trump has slipped, fallen behind or wasted the first six weeks of the general election.

However, every time terrorism raises its ugly head, the Democrats tend to take a beating and it appears that the Orlando attack was no exception.

donald trump responds to orlandoA new poll from Morning Consult that surveyed 2,001 voters from June 15 to 18, shows that 41 percent of Americans believe that Donald Trump would do a better job of keeping the country safe while only 37 percent favored Crooked Hillary. (Twenty-two percent said they didn’t know or had no opinion).

Trump’s boost comes from Independent voters, as 38 percent say they trust Trump while only 26 percent favored Crooked Hillary.

However, perhaps the most interesting finding in this survey is that one of Donald Trump’s allegedly “least popular” ideas – i.e., the temporary ban on Muslim travel or immigration to the United States – is supported by forty-eight percent of those polled, while only 40 percent opposed it. (Eleven percent said they didn’t know or had no opinion)

The support is even higher for a ban for people coming from specific countries. The ISIS strongholds of Syria and Iraq top that list, with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and even Saudi Arabia also featuring prominently.

This will come as a big shock to people like Paul Ryan and a few others who very publicly disagreed with Trump. Once again they have misread the mood of America. There is growing, and understandable, anger over the continued flow of people arriving in the U. S. from locations which are being ripped apart by terrorism and Trump is the only politician who has had the courage to voice those feelings publicly.

Crooked Hillary unfitSo, despite repeated assertions from Democrats that former Secretary of State Crooked Hillary is one of the most qualified candidates for president in history, the American people clearly disagree. They have more trust in Donald Trump to keep America safe.

Crooked Hillary’s incompetence as secretary of state, along with the lies she has told about Benghazi and the fact that she put lives at risk by using an unsecure and illegal private email server are starting to hurt her campaign.

As more and more details of these and her other corrupt deals emerge and as Obama’s obsession with letting more and more people from terrorist nations into America continues, Crooked Hillary’s poll position is likely to get worse.




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