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Final Primary Results

The results of yesterday’s final Republican Party primaries are in and there are no surprises – it was another clean sweep for Donald Trump.

Trump now has at least 1,536 delegates, well in excess of the 1,237 threshold, and making him the undisputed nominee for the presidency.

trump - story far from overBearing in mind that going into yesterday’s primaries Trump was already the presumptive nominee, the numbers of people who still made the effort to go out and vote for him was impressive. Thanks to them and everyone throughout the country, Donald Trump received more primary votes than any GOP campaign in history. A remarkable achievement. In California alone well over a million people voted Trump.

You could say Phase One accomplished and it has been, comprehensively so.

Now we enter Phase Two.

It will be another tough battle, with many set-backs and obstacles, but as always with your continued support and hard work Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States and one who will make America great again.

Finally, for those interested in the numbers here are yesterday’s results.


California Primary Election Results 2016


Montana Primary Election Results 2016


New Jersey Primary Election Results 2016


New Mexico Primary Election Results 2016


South Dakota Primary Election Results 2016




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