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The Last Of The Primaries

Republican-PrimaryVoting takes place today, June 7th, in the final five Republican primaries. They are South Dakota, New Mexico, New Jersey, Montana and California.

Since Trump has already secured enough delegates to clinch the nomination, the votes today are not crucial. However, it is still very important to show your continued support the Trump campaign.

That will keep momentum going. It will be good for morale. It will send a clear message to the rest of America that support for Trump is high in every state of the Union. And it will help to kill off the remaining #NeverTrumps and other doubters.

The more delegates Trump has going into the Convention the stronger his position to unite the party behind him.

It is essential that the Republican Party put on the best and strongest campaign possible for November. It now seems that, with the help of DNC super delegate vote rigging, Crooked Hillary has secured the Democrat nomination. She must not win the presidency or America will deteriorate further and after the damage Obama has done it cannot afford that.

  • Make no mistake. Here is what is at stake if we do not work as hard as we can to stop Crooked Hillary getting to the White House:
  • National security will be further compromised.
  • Unvetted illegal immigrants, including many terrorists, will continue to enter the country in their tens of thousands.
  • Economic growth will stagnate.
  • Capital investment will decrease.
  • Taxation will increase.
  • Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost.
  • Obamacare will continue and will become more and more expensive.
  • The 2nd Amendment will be destroyed and your ability to defend your family taken away.
  • The military will continue to be weakened.
  • Perverts will be allowed to stalk the bathrooms in your childrens’ schools.
  • America will become involved in more international catastrophes like Libya.
  • The country will continue to see its reputation deteriorate throughout the world.
  • More badly negotiated international trade deals will cost America trillions of dollars and millions of jobs.
  • And you will have a President who can be bought by any foreign interest that cares to give her money.

economic impact clinton vs trump

Or, you can help to ensure that Donald Trump is the next President of the United States and Make America Great Again with:

  • National security stronger and better than ever.
  • An end to illegal immigration and a secure border policy.
  • Strong economic growth.
  • Increased capital investment as companies choose to invest in America, not overseas.
  • Decreased taxation and an end to the fiscal war on America’s middle class.
  • Millions of new jobs created.
  • Obamacare ended.
  • Your 2nd Amendment rights guaranteed.
  • The military restored to its former might.
  • The end of Obama’s transgender agenda.
  • No unnecessary meddling in foreign countries.
  • The restoration of America’s reputation throughout the world.
  • Fair, but strong, trade deals that will protect American interests.
  • And a President who cannot be bought by any vested interest, foreign or domestic.

Talk about a no-brainer!






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