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Trump’s Doing Better Than You Think

Ronald Reagan is remembered fondly as one of the best presidents the United States has had in recent times.

trump reaganHis election against the odds in 1980 has been compared to the popular movement that has rallied behind Donald Trump in 2016.

But if you asked anyone, they would probably tell you that Reagan’s campaign at this stage of the race was in a lot better shape than Trump’s is today, especially as regards uniting the Republican Party behind his bid for the presidency.

Is that really true?

Let’s take a look.



When you do take the time to examine the Reagan campaign to this equivalent point in 1980, you find that he actually had the weakest party unity numbers, not the strongest.

Reagan’s presidential campaign in 1980 had a lot of circumstances that were far from ideal.

ronald reagan thumbs upFor example, Reagan was facing an incumbent president (albeit a very weak incumbent, Jimmy Carter). Like Trump, he had moderates in his own party convinced he was a dangerously hawkish ideologue unsuitable to be president. And, to make matters even worse, he had John Anderson gearing up for a major independent run.

Not the most auspicious start.

Although we hadn’t Twitter and hashtags in Reagan’s time, if there had been such a thing #NeverReagan would have been a far stronger force within the GOP then, than #NeverTrump is today.



Indeed, if you fast forward to today, you find that more Republicans have already rallied behind Trump than any other nominee since 1980 – the sole exception being loser Romney who ran a bad campaign and failed miserably to make use of the support he received.

Trump’s success is in spite of the best efforts of the #NeverTrumps. They have been trying to destroy his chances for months.

They have backed rival candidates who dropped out almost as soon as they decided to support them.

donald-trump-thumb-upThey tried to cheat Trump out of the nomination by working to rig a contested convention, only to see those plans go up in smoke when Trump breezed through the delegate threshold long before the end of the primaries let alone the date of the convention.

They have wasted millions of dollars on hate ads that failed to make any impact at all. Some say they even helped to increase Trump’s popularity, not lessen it.

With every failure the #NeverTrumps numbers have been dwindling as most accepted the inevitability of Donald Trump as their nominee.


Sore Losers

There are still a few remaining Republican holdouts who pretend to be against Trump because of ideological differences. In fact most of them are just sore losers. Some like the Bushes because Trump trounced “low-energy” Jeb!, and others, like Erick Erickson, because as political pundits their reputations are in tatters after months of failed predictions about the demise of Trump’s candidacy.

Both these groups completely misread the mood of America, but to their shame have not as yet been men enough to admit their “yuuuge” mistake.

nevertrumps cartoonWhat is left of the #NeverTrumps are trying to run David French as a third party candidate in much the same way as Reagan had John Anderson to contend with. But in French’s case it is not certain if he will even make it onto some state ballots.

Even if he does, all the #NeverTrumps will achieve out of that strategy is to take the blame in the unlikely event that French takes enough votes to hand an election win to Crooked Hillary.

Just like Reagan, Trump has managed to overcome any problems others may be having with his nomination and he has overcome them in a very short time.


Broader Appeal

Under Trump’s leadership the Republican Party has the opportunity to change its appeal from a narrow conservative base to a much broader nationalist one, attracting many more supporters and voters into the party and without diluting any of its core principles.

This will give them a much better chance of beating Crooked Hillary in 2016, and it will hold the party in good stead for future elections too, including Congress and Senate.

trump-crowd-01The voter turnout for the Republican primaries has already been at record levels, with Trump receiving a record number of votes – and that is despite the fact that many of the primaries have been closed to everyone except registered Republicans. In the general election Trump can hope to pick up many additional votes from Independents and even cross-over Democrats, many of who just cannot stand Crooked Hillary and the vested interests who have control of her.

So, all things considered, Donald Trump is actually in better shape at this stage of the campaign than Ronald Reagan was back in 1980.

At this stage of the campaign in 1980 polling figures showed Reagan with only 32 percent versus Carter with 40 percent. In November the actual result turned out to be 51 percent for Reagan and 41 percent for Carter. A comprehensive victory.

Today an average of the most recent polls show Trump and Clinton virtually tied. There’s still a ways to go, but it’s looking good for a Trump win in November.




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