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Apologizing For America

Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton, who has endorsed Donald Trump for President (click here if you want to read that Report), says he is sick and tired of Obama apologizing for America and bending the knee to our enemies.

John-Bolton-getty-640x480He says an American president’s highest moral, constitutional and political duty is protecting his fellow citizens from foreign threats. Presidents should adhere to our values and the Constitution, and not treat America’s enemies as morally equivalent to us.

If they do, they need not apologize to anyone.

Obama’s penchant for apologizing is central to his legacy. He may not often say “I apologize” explicitly, but his meaning is always clear, especially since he often bends his knee overseas, where he knows the foreign audiences will get his meaning.

It is, in fact, Obama’s subtlety that makes his effort to reduce America’s influence in the world so dangerous.

He started in Cairo in 2009, referring to the “fear and anger” that the 9/11 attacks provoked in Americans, saying that, “in some cases, it led us to act contrary to our traditions and our ideals.” He later said, “Unfortunately, faced with an uncertain threat, our government made a series of hasty decisions . . . based on fear rather than foresight” — a characterization Americans overwhelmingly reject.

In Europe, saved three times by America in the last century, Obama apologized because “there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.” And in this hemisphere, Obama said, “We have at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms,” culminating in his recent fawning visits with the Castros in Cuba.

The list goes on and on.

Bolton is right to criticize Obama, who has made a career out of first being, then apologizing to, socialists.

obama apologizes to ISISObama has even had the gall to apologize to the Islamic terrorist group ISIS because of supposed “mean comments” by Donald Trump. But he didn’t ask for an apology from ISIS for beheading, murdering and torturing thousands of Christians.

Ronald Reagan hoped America would be a shining city on a hill, and a beacon of freedom for the oppressed people of the world.

Obama has done his best to extinguish that beacon and to destroy the respect that America once enjoyed throughout the world.

That will be Obama’s enduring legacy. The President who hated America and Americans.





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