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Make Trump Indiana’s Choice

In last week’s five primaries Donald Trump exceeded all expectations, winning well over 100 of the available 118 delegates. He needed at least 103 to stay on course for a first ballot nomination victory.

Donald-Trump-poses-with-an-American-bald-eagle-in-@TIMETrump captured a majority in every state, ranging from a massive 64% in Rhode Island to 55% in Maryland.

More importantly, he swept the winner-take-all by congressional district states in Connecticut and Maryland, winning each of the combined thirteen congressional districts.

Not only did Trump win every district and thus score backdoor winner-take-all victories in the congressional district domains along with adding the one at-large winner-take-all state (Delaware) to his column, he went so far as to win every county in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

It was at the same time a comprehensive victory for Trump and a humiliating defeat for Kasich and Cruz.


Indiana Next

Indiana, which votes tomorrow, Tuesday (May 3rd), is the next crucial contest. It is a winner-take-all by congressional district State.

Up until recently Indiana had been projected as a Cruz victory state, but is now leaning toward Trump.

indiana-votes-2016-primaryThree polls, all conducted between April 18 to 22 from three different pollsters (Public Opinion Strategies, Fox News, and CBS/YouGov) found Trump topping Cruz in each instance, although the spreads are tight.

The Trump range is between 37 percent to 41 percent in the three polls. Cruz attracts between 31 percent to 35 percent.  Kasich places third in each survey, with support figures in the 16 percent to 22 percent range.

Indiana is a unique primary in that its at-large delegate contingent is equal to those coming from the congressional districts (27). The three Republican National Committee delegates are unbound.

It appears certain that Indiana will set the tone for the final stretch of the Republican presidential nomination campaign.


Collusion Confusion

Kasich was supposed to be operating a pact with Cruz, designed to give Cruz enough extra votes in Indiana to deny Trump a victory, but all does not seem to be well with their attempted collusion.

In fact, the alliance between Kasich and Cruz is proving to be more of an embarrassment than a benefit, as the two candidates face questions about their tenuous truce daily and still make uncomplimentary comments about one another.

cruz kasich pact indianaIgnoring the pact, Kasich appeared at an Indiana fundraiser last week, even though he is no longer campaigning in the state.

Then just a few days after their collusion agreement Cruz was already starting to back out of the deal. “I recognize that the media is all eager to talk about an alliance,” Cruz said in the same press conference. “There is no alliance.”

Add to that the fact that many Kasich supporters do not like Cruz and vice versa and you have the recipe for collusion confusion as far as the voters are concerned. Their pact was yet another act of desperation that has backfired.


Vote Trump

But the one group of people who are not confused are Donald Trump’s supporters.

indiana for trumpBuilding on the momentum of last Tuesday’s magnificent performance, along with the recent poll results mentioned above, we hope that Mr. Trump makes a good showing in Indiana, and if possible defies the pundits once again and wins it outright.

Not as easy a task as in the previous six primaries, but doable all the same.

So if you are eligible to vote in Indiana, get out there on Tuesday and cast that ballot for the best candidate in the field, Donald Trump.

Play your part in making Donald Trump Indiana’s choice and making America great again.




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