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‘Lucifer In The Flesh’

One would have thought that helping to do the dirty work of the establishment by trying to deny Donald Trump the 1,237 delegates he requires for the Republican Party nomination, Ted Cruz would have been rewarded.

That’s what Cruz thought too. He imagined that if he did what the establishment wanted of him he would be chosen as the party nominee.

But Cruz forgot the nature of the beast he was in bed with. To the establishment Cruz is merely a tool to be used when expedient and then cast aside when his usefulness is over.

boehner quote about cruzWe got a great example a few days ago of what the establishment really thinks about Cruz. In an unusually frank interview at Stanford University with David Kennedy, a history professor emeritus, former House Speaker John (Boo-Hoo) Boehner called Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.”

Still referring to Cruz he went on, “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”


Not The First Time

And this is not the first time that Boehner has compared Cruz to the devil. He also did it last month in a talk before financial industry lobbyists and executives in Florida.

So much for Cruz’s argument that he is the candidate best positioned to unify the Republican Party ahead of the November battle. The truth is Cruz’s support among his Senate and House colleagues has been virtually non-existent, with only a handful of senators endorsing his campaign. Even his closest colleague Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions was more than happy to bypass Cruz and endorse Donald Trump instead.

During the time Cruz was trying to establish his credentials as a hard-line conservative within the Senate, he and Boehner publicly clashed over the government shutdown and Obamacare. It was all about showboating to get publicity for a presidential run but it fooled people at the time.


Lucifer Lies

To try to counter Boehner’s attack Cruz did what he does best.

He lied.

cruz, i forgot which lie i'm tellingCruz told reporters that he had never worked with Boehner. “The truth of the matter is I don’t know the man,” Cruz said. “I’ve met John Boehner two or three times in my life. If I have said 50 words in my life to John Boehner, I would be surprised. And every one of them has consisted of pleasantries, ‘Good to see you Mr Speaker’. I’ve never had any substantive conversation with John Boehner in any respect.”

But a closer look at their history reveals that Boehner’s relationship with Cruz pre-dates their time in Congress together. Cruz was hired as part of Boehner’s legal team, after he sued a Democratic congressman, Rep. Jim McDermott of Washington state, for breaking wiretapping laws back in 1998.

Sorry Ted, you’re BusTed yet again!

So as the meme artists get to their work again you can choose what title you like the best – “Lyin’ Ted” or “Lucifer Ted”.

A final thought. According to the RealClearPolitics count, Cruz currently has 565 delegates. It would be spooky if he ends up with another 101.

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