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5 State Victory

For Trump

It was a super Tuesday but even that superlative doesn’t do it justice.

Yesterday Donald Trump completed a stunning five-state sweep of presidential primaries.

northeast primariesThe victories were overwhelming. The contests weren’t even remotely close. Each one well above fifty percent. Connecticut 57.7 percent; Delaware 60.8 percent; Maryland 54.4 percent; Pennsylvania 56.7 percent; and Rhode Island 63.8 percent. (You can see the full results for each state below.)

This is a great boost for Donald Trump and for his supporters and, picking up over 100 more delegates, strengthens his shot at avoiding a contested convention.


Presumptive Nominee

Cruz (the big loser on last night’s results) and Kasich can still potentially hold Trump under the 1,237 delegates he needs. But these latest results reinforce Trump’s position as presumptive nominee. With this degree of popular support it is difficult to see how anyone, except the most obtuse and arrogant, could try to deny him.

“I consider myself the presumptive nominee,” Trump said at Trump Tower, with ex-candidate and now-supporter New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie standing behind him. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s over.”

Trump victorious rhiaTrump said he has no plans to change his approach right now.

In his victory speech Mr. Trump said he was intent on looking ahead to a general election contest and to beating Clinton.

“We will beat Hillary so easily,” Trump said, nicknaming the Democratic front-runner “crooked Hillary” and declaring “the only card she has is the woman’s card.”

He also took a swipe at his GOP rivals, condemning their new “collusion” pact.

Trump is the clear choice of the people. If he can sustain this kind of momentum then he will be the Republican nominee and the next President of the United States.

There are still tough battles ahead, the first of which is in Indiana next Tuesday (May 3rd). So stay tuned and if you are in any of the states yet to hold primaries, please make the effort to get out and vote for Donald Trump.


The Results

Meantime here are the full results from last night for you to enjoy.



Trump 57.7 percent, more than 29 points ahead of Kasich on 285 percent. Cruz was a poor third place with only 11.7 percent/

2016 Election Primary Results Connecticut



Trump 60.8 percent, more than 40 points ahead of nearest rivel Kasich on 20.4 percent and Cruz on 15.9 percent.

2016 Election Primary Results Delaware



Trump 54.4 percent, more than 31 points ahead of Kasich on 23 percent and Cruz on 18.9 percent.

2016 Election Primary Results Maryland



Trump 56.7 percent, more than 35 points ahead of Cruz on 21.6 percent and Kasich on 19.4 percent.

2016 Election Primary Results Pennsylvania


Rhode Island

Trump 68.3 percent, 39.4 points ahead of nearest rivel Kasich with 24.4 percent. Cruz was in last place with only 10.4 percent.

2016 Election Primary Results Rhode Island




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