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Cruz’s Major Announcement

In another last ditch attempt to try to revamp his failing campaign, Ted Cruz has widely leaked that he will be making a “major announcement” in less than two hours time.

Whatever could it be?

cruz with micMillions are hoping that he will be announcing the suspension of his presidential bid in the wake of the humiliating defeats of yesterday and his failure to win any states or even any delegates come to that. Seems he is better at stealing the latter than winning them fair and square.

Other more cynical commentators are speculating that Cruz has discovered that he inadvertently told the truth somewhere in among his multitude of lies and now wants to set the record straight.

But most money is on the big announcement being that Cruz has chosen fellow loser Carly Fiorina as his Vice Presidential running mate.


Total Desperation

If it is the latter, it is another decision that smacks of total desperation by the Cruz camp. And it is a decision that is both arrogant and stupid.

cruz eliminatedFor one thing, Cruz is nowhere near securing the nomination. Far from it, in fact. Donald Trump is beating him big time in the primaries and in delegates. Cruz knows he has been mathematically eliminated from ever securing the 1,237 votes neccessary to get the nomination on the first count and is banking everything on a contested convention where his backdoor deals and establishment support will give him the edge.

For another thing, if Fiorina is indeed his VP pick what does she bring to the party for Cruz, apart from the fact that she is a woman? During her own presidential bid, Fiorina failed miserably to get the American people to warm to her or her campaign. Her percentage numbers and votes went nowhere but down the longer she stayed in the race.

Just as with his vote collusion pact with Kasich, Cruz has one again failed to realize that two failures do not make a success.


The Other ‘Thing’

Then there is the ‘other thing’.

The other thing being the somewhat curious and totaly unexplained payment of $500,000 from a Cruz campaign PAC to the Fiorina campaign when she was still running for president herself.

Cash dollarsThe revelation about that was brought out into the open during the brief #CruzSexScandal stories a few months ago. If Fiorina is indeed behind door number three and Cruz’s big announcement is indeed that she is his VP pick then there is a very good chance that this mysterious payment will once again be subject to intense scrutiny by the media.

But enough of this speculation. We won’t have long to wait to find out what the big announcement really is.




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