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Did Cruz Okay Obama’s Iran Deal?

One of the things Ted Cruz would like us to forget is that he co-sponsored senate bill S.615 that gave Barack Obama carte blanche on the Iran Deal.

ted-cruz-bustedAlthough it did not present in a straightforward way, the Corker Bill had only one purpose and that was to prevent the Republicans in the Senate from having to challenge Barack Obama on his Iran Deal.

Corker put in place an insurmountable two-thirds majority to quash any deal brought forth by Barack Obama and John Kerry.

Treaties require a super-majority for approval. They must receive a three-fifths vote to pass – or they fail. But that was not what was required with the Corker Bill.


Two-Thirds Majority

What the Senate decided, via Senator Bob Corker, was to require a two-thirds majority vote to block the Iran agreement. This meant that without a large number of Democrats voting to block the Iran Deal – along with every Senate Republican – it would automatically become law.

In typically deceitful RINO fashion the whole thing was rigged to hoodwink the public, particularly republican voters and supporters.

corker-reuters-640x359Playing along with the fraud, Obama initially threatened to oppose the Corker Bill, making it look like he was being dragged into the agreement kicking and screaming,

In reality, however, the GOPe were working with Obama to pull the wool over the eyes of voters so that they did not have to have a real fight on the Iran deal.

The Obama administration could have easily been blocked on the Iran Deal, and on many other occasions, because Republicans hold majorities in both the House and Senate. But as usual they capitulated. Republicans In Name Only at their work again!


Lying Ted

But getting back to Cruz’s involvement, more significantly than being a co-sponsor, Cruz was in the second wave of sponsors.

That meant Cruz had the full text of the agreement as it was in its final form to read before he signed on as a co-sponsor. And for the record, co-sponsoring a bill does not just mean carefully considering a bill – it means standing behind it.

lying tedIn other words Cruz knew both what the Iran agreement contained AND about the two-thirds vote trick – and was okay with both.

He, along with all of his Republican colleagues voted to pass the Corker Iran bill despite the fact that it cedes treaty power in regard to this Iran nuclear deal to Obama.

It also meant that Cruz could play both sides. First, sponsor the Corker Bill and vote for it; then speak out against the Iran Deal and vote against it – all in the full knowledge that it could not be defeated unless more than ten Democrats sign on to kill it with 100% of the Republicans in the Senate – something he knew that would never happen.

Don’t let conservative Cruz fool you.

As Donald Trump says, Ted does tell lies!




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