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The Myth Of

American Democracy

When the old Soviet Union was around there used to be a joke that said someone broke into the Kremlin and stole next year’s election results.

moscow_city_kremlin_bridge_capital_russia_flag_It was the way America scoffed at the Communist system where a chosen few were in charge and the people just did what they were told by those who were chosen to tell them.

Well, thanks to the intervention of Donald Trump into this presidential election race, America can scoff no longer.

More than anything else, Trump’s intervention has brought to the attention of the American public, and sadly to the watching world, that democracy in America is a farce.

It has been that way for a long time. It is just being noticed by most people now because of the renewed interest in politics and presidential elections that Trump has sparked.


A Lie Exposed

Having the right to a free vote for a presidential candidate of one’s choice in America has been exposed as a lie.

Some of the more arrogant of the elite have even had the gall to come on to our TV screens and brag openly that it is they who chose candidates. They know better, not the people. Our votes count for nothing.

Both parties are guilty of this corruption of the democratic process, but, to their eternal shame, the GOP has led the way.

Cruz Colorado CaperWe have seen it in operation in Louisiana and Wyoming and Colorado and elsewhere. In Louisiana, where the sham of voting is allowed, the wishes of the people are then cast aside and most of the delegates are awarded to the loser, not the winner. In other states, like Colorado, the people are not even allowed to vote at all. Delegates are just awarded to whoever the establishment selects.

This is why the corrupt system that allows the Bush family to have the gall to think they are entitled to a dynasty of presidents, no matter how inept they may be at the job.


Restore Real Democracy

Donald Trump is popular. He is liked by the ordinary people. They vote for him in their millions. He tops polls and wins primaries by significant margins. But because the establishment cannot control him they do everything in their power to overthrow the democratically expressed wishes of the people.

donald-trump-alabama-rally-eventIf this were happening in any other country, America would be the first in line to criticize.

But it is happening IN America – and it needs to stop.

Let’s hope that one of the consequences of a Trump victory will be a radical and much needed overhaul of a political system that has become completely corrupt and no longer representative of the will of “we, the people.”




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