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Can Trump Beat

The GOP Establishment?

The Republican Party establishment has been at it for months. They’ve schemed. They’ve plotted. They’ve conspired. They’ve hoped. Some of them may even have prayed. All to try to ensure that Donald Trump’s candidacy would fail.

Trump vs GOP eliteMany of them, egged on by the liberal media who thought the same way, believed that Trump couldn’t win and would burn himself out.

Others were afraid of attacking Trump openly because of the risk that he might fight back and turn on them directly.

They were also afraid that attacking Trump would turn out to be counterproductive, since part of his voter appeal is that he is an outsider.

And some also recognized that whilst Trump’s views were abhorrent to the Republican RINO establishment, they were strongly agreed to and supported by the vast majority of conservative voters who they needed to keep on board.

In the end they tried a mixture of all three approaches, but all to no avail.

All their establishment men, with the exception of Cruz and Kasich, have fallen by the wayside. Trump is still the front-runner and it is looking more and more like he will be the peoples’ choice for GOP nominee.

The establishment is now officially in a full blown panic.


Divide And Conquer

The establishment’s panic has been made even worse because Trump has managed to divide them.

The establishment now consists of three factions, (a) those who support Trump; (b) those who are prepared to go with whatever the people decide; and (c) a third faction who are prepared to destroy the Republican Party rather than allow a candidate who they do not control to become the presidential nominee.

In the first group – the Trump supporters – there are some very high-profile names. Trump has, for example, received endorsements from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Maine Governor Paul LePage, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

The second group consists of people like Rand Paul who, whilst they will never be Trump supporters, will nevertheless support the Republican nominee against a Democrat for the Presidency – especially if that Democrat nominee is one as obnoxious as Hillary Clinton. They are putting America first.

trump-gop-obamaThe third group consists mainly of arrogant idiots. They threaten never to support Trump, even if he wins the nomination and one or two have even gone so far as to say they will vote for Clinton rather than Trump.

These RINOs would rather have another Democrat like Hillary Clinton – who their money controls – in the White House than lose their grip on power. What is best for America never enters their minds.

What people like these are doing in the Republican Party in the first place would be an excellent question to put to them.


The Fight Is On

We do not know the outcome yet, but the fight is definitely on. Two fights in fact.

There should have been only one fight – between the Republicans and the Democrats – but sadly we are in the midst of two.

Having said that, what is happening at the moment, and what Trump has been the catalyst of igniting, is an internal Republican fight that is long overdue.

The harsh reality, that until now the Party has failed to face up to, is that from 1992 to 2012, the Republican Party’s candidate has been elected to the White House in only two of the six presidential elections — and only in one out of those six elections, in 2004, did he win the popular vote.

With establishment picked candidates like McCain and Romney it isn’t difficult to see why the Party has failed.

trump america firstThis time, in 2016, if the GOP establishment is beaten and the people are allowed the candidate they want things could be very different.

Despite the fact that the elite consider your votes to be worthless, they are not. If you keep voting for Donald Trump and keep the bound delegates going to him, it makes the task of the spoilers in the establishment to overturn your wishes that much more difficult.

Some of them will still try, but with enough popular support behind Donald Trump they will fail.

Play your part in making America great again. Vote for Donald Trump. With your help he can beat the GOP establishment.




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