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The Battle For Wisconsin

Donald Trump has an uphill battle in the primary today in Wisconsin. There are 42 delegates up for grabs by the Republicans. Candidates have the potential to win all 42 delegates, but would need to win both the statewide vote and all of the state’s congressional districts in order to do so.

Unusually Trump is the underdog in this state, with polls indicating that he trails Cruz by up to ten points.

Trump campaigning in WisconsinAlready in other primaries Trump has won 736 delegates to the July nominating convention in Cleveland, but is still 501 short of the majority he needs to clinch the nomination.

Whilst a second placing for Trump in Wisconsin would make it more difficult to reach the magic 1,237 delegate number needed for the party’s nomination for the Nov. 8 election, that total would still be achievable if votes in the remaining states go well. The next states to vote, including New York on April 19 and five Northeastern states on April 26, are more Trump-friendly territory.

But being able to pull off a win in Wisconsin would be a remarkable achievement and would be a severe blow to the Cruz campaign.

On the other hand, even with a victory in Wisconsin, Cruz would still find it very difficult to get enough delegates to secure the nomination. With the establishment’s help, and some dubious vote counting in Texas and Utah, not to mention the Louisiana delegate fraud, Cruz currently has 463 delegates, 774 short of the total needed for the nomination.


Rallying Hard

Donald Trump is campaigning hard in Wisconsin to encourage his supporters to turn out and vote. If they do, in sufficient numbers, they could propel him toward the nomination by delivering a surprise victory for him over Cruz.

“If we do well here, folks, it’s over,” Trump said. “If we don’t win here, it’s not over, but wouldn’t you like to take the credit in Wisconsin for ending it?”

“Your vote is going to be very important tomorrow because the world is watching Wisconsin,” Trump told supporters. “They’re seeing if this momentum from this incredible movement is going to be slowed down.”

GOP_2016_WalkerWhatever way it goes, the battle in the Badger state will be a big one. Trump knows it. He recognizes that the odds are against him. The establishment has lined up to support their man Cruz, including Wisconsin’s governor and former presidential hopeful Scott Walker and the ‘thief-in-waiting’ for the nomination at a rigged convention, Paul Ryan.

Indeed today’s vote in Wisconsin could not only help shore up the momentum for candidates on both sides of the presidential race, but it could also determine whether the Republicans are headed to a contested convention.

It would be nice if that could be avoided. Nice for the ordinary voters, that is. So if you are eligible to vote in Wisconsin make sure that you vote Trump and encourage as many others as possible to do likewise.

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