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Why Republicans Want

GOP To Unite Behind Trump

As reported yesterday, a Monmouth University poll has found that a majority of Republican voters say their party should get behind Donald Trump, even if he doesn’t get enough delegates for the nomination.

Trump rhrThat is obviously very good news for the Trump campaign, but it does beg the question as to why those Republicans are now getting behind Mr. Trump?

For months the establishment has been trying to stop Donald Trump using a variety of tactics from outright attacks to thinking up strategies to steal the nomination at the convention.

No doubt many of them are still so engaged, but there is also evidence that, while the party leadership may still be reluctant to back Trump, a growing percentage of voters aren’t.


Other Polls

It isn’t only the Monmouth poll that is saying so. It is just one of the latest that finds that a majority of Republican and Republican-leaning voters say the party should unite behind Mr. Trump at a contested convention.Others agree too.

An Economist/YouGov March 14 survey found for the first time since its tracking began in November, that Trump had garnered the support of a majority of Republican primary voters nationwide. That poll showed a jump from 44 percent in their Feb. 24-27 poll to 53 percent.

And a March 18 Rasmussen Reports weekly survey finds that 87 percent of likely Republican voters nationwide now say Trump is likely to win the GOP nomination – up from 60 percent the first week of February.

According to David McLennan, a visiting professor of political science at Meredith College in Raleigh, N.C., “Republican voters, even those who initially had questions about his fitness as a candidate, now see him as the inevitable nominee.”


Why The Change?

The reasons why some Republicans are finally coming around to Trump differ. They range from genuine support, thru political pragmatism, to a simple sense of fairness and democracy.

Many have changed their views, not because of anything that Trump has done or not done, but because of the actions and attitude of the Republican establishment. Voters remember what happened to Ron Paul in 2012 and they don’t want the same kind of thing happening to Donald Trump, who has considerably more support and resources that were available to Paul.

On top of that, there is a sense of unfairness and manipulation by the party elite. That has caused massive frustration and anger. The people are seething at the way professional Washington politicians have allowed America to deteriorate in almost every aspect whilst showing a complete inability to get anything done. That’s the “all talk and no action” politicians that Trump and his supporters are railing against.

The Obama years have brought this anger and dissatisfaction to a head. After eight years of an incompetent politician in charge, the people are ready for a BIG change.

If Obama continues down the road he is on, trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment, appeasing terrorism, handing billions more dollars to Iran, tying the hands of the military behind their backs and opening America’s borders to anyone and everyone, then by November we could have the circumstances to herald a massive backlash against this type of governance.

Trump vs ClintonTrump is the ideal candidate to maximize that dissatisfaction and turn it into votes. The people know that with Hillary Clinton they will get more of the same destructive liberal socialist policies. They also know that with an establishment RINO it would be little different.

As a result a great many Republican voters are now prepared to vote for Donald Trump who, although untested in government, has a track record of success and achievement in the business world.

For those in the Republican Party and its establishment who still dream of being able to stop Trump, the message is that what they are doing is too little and far too late.

Trump has earned the Republican Party nomination. He won it fair and square. The party should respect that and now rally behind him to ensure the defeat of Clinton or Sanders or whoever the Democrat candidate may be.

The people do not want to see rigged conventions, rewritten rules and candidates parachuted in from nowhere at the last minute to steal the nomination.

They want the person they voted for. And that person is Donald Trump.





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