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New Poll:

Republicans Don’t Want Convention Fight

A new poll, conducted by Monmouth University, shows a large majority of Republicans want the party to rally around Donald Trump and avoid a bloody convention fight in Cleveland.

A majority of Republicans and GOP-leaning voters surveyed in the new poll say the Republican Party should get behind Donald Trump at a contested convention if he enters with the most delegates.

Fifty-four percent of those surveyed in the Monmouth University poll released Wednesday vocalized that position, compared to 34 percent who said another candidate should be nominated instead.

Those surveyed were told Trump may have the most delegates entering the convention but not enough to win the nomination on the first round of voting, allowing another candidate to potentially win the nomination on a subsequent ballot.

So far Trump has won more than half the necessary 1,237 delegates to lock up the nomination.

delegate mapDespite the best efforts of Cruz and the establishment to steal delegates, as they are trying to do in Louisiana, it is now very likely that if Trump does not make it to the magic 1,237 marker, he will be very close to it by the time the Convention is held.

Rallying behind Trump, and advising ALL republican supporters to vote for him, will give the party the best chance – possibly the ONLY chance – of defeating Clinton or Sanders in the general election in November.

If, on the other hand, they split the party by trying to steal the nomination in some kind of brokered convention fiasco then they will lose.

And much more importantly so will America.




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