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Lost In Louisiana,

Part Deux

A few days ago we published a Trump Report called ‘Lost In Louisiana’ (if you want to read it click here) explaining that, despite winning the Louisiana primary, Donald Trump will end up with possibly 10 fewer delegates than second placed Cruz.

Trump Louisiana winnerNow Mr. Trump, the clear winner in Louisiana and the front-runner in the GOP race, has said he will sue over delegate allocation from the Louisiana primary.

In a tweet Trump called Republican primary politics “unfair”.

And in an interview  on ABC’s ‘This Week’ Trump said, “Welcome to the Republican Party. What’s going on in the Republican Party is a disgrace.”

“I won Louisiana and now I hear he’s trying to steal delegates,” Trump said, referring to Cruz.

“I have so many more votes and so many more delegates,” Trump added. “And, frankly, whoever at the end, whoever has the most votes and the most delegates should be the nominee.”


Every Dirty Trick

The Republican Party establishment seems intent on doing everything they can, including resorting to every dirty trick they can think of, to deny Trump the delegates his popular vote entitles him to.

gop-splitThey may think they are being clever but all the GOP elite are really doing with these moves is turning democracy within the party into a farce and devaluing its membership.

Republican Party members and supporters will be tolerated when it comes to donating money to the party or voting for a candidate chosen for them by those who think they know better. If you have a mind of your own, however, then your opinion is valueless to them.

But Trump is a fighter. Hopefully he will pursue this matter in the courts. If nothing else it may deter others from following a similar path.




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