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Is Rubio A Spoiler?

Apparently Marco Rubio is taking steps to ensure that any national convention delegates he picked up before he suspended his campaign remain bound to him at the outset of Republican National Convention.

It is a move designed to make it more difficult for Donald Trump to win the GOP presidential nomination, particularly on the first ballot.

Rubio, the Boy BlunderIn a recent correspondence to the Alaska Republican Party Rubio said, “The decision to suspend my campaign for president of the Untied States is not intended to release any national convention delegates bound to me as a result of the 2016 delegate selection process that took place in your state.”

“It is my desire at this time that the delegates allocated to me by your rules remain bound to vote for me on at least the first nominating ballot at the national convention.”

Although Rubio suspended his campaign after a crushing defeat by Trump in his home state of Florida and other poor performances on March 15, he left with 166 delegates. That is enough to have a major influence on the outcome of the race.


Contested Convention

Cruz and Kasich are both working to force a contested convention by preventing Trump from garnering the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination on the first ballot.

Rubio is happy to help in that effort even though he is no longer a candidate. As long as Rubio retains his delegates, he limits opportunities for those who might support Trump to go over to his side as a free agent.

Rubio not so super SaturdayHowever, if Rubio harbors any other intent, for example, becoming the compromise choice during a contested convention, then he will be disappointed. If such a candidate is chosen, Romney and some of the other more senior RINOs have already positioned themselves for this role.

In one way it is a pity he isn’t still the establishment’s chosen one. If he had been we might have got to hear a lot more about those extra-marital affairs rumors about him that were leaked to multiple media outlets a few months ago!

Still, as Marco now knows, you can’t have everything.




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