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Lost In Louisiana

In any normal democracy, with normal rules, when you get more votes than the opposition you win.

Sound fair?

Yes it is. And that’s usually what happens.

Unless you happen to be talking about the Liousiana Republican primary.

Louisiana Primary Results – 2016 Election

Louisiana Primary Results – 2016 Election

In Louisiana Donald Trump won the primary, by 41.4 percent to Cruz’s 37.8 percent.

The state sends 46 delegates to the Republican National Convention, 41 of them awarded proportionally and 5 unbound. Cruz and Trump won 18 delegates each.

But, even though he lost the primary vote, Cruz can get up to an additional 10 delegates.

Rubio was awarded 5 delegates and now he is no longer in the race those are available. Most pundits think they will go to Cruz. The five unbound delegates are also likely to join the Cruz camp.

It’s undemocratic and grossly unfair. And it has happeneed because the Cruz appears to be more successful than Trump at maneuvering within the convoluted delegate selection process, which differs from state to state.

It also emphasizes the difference between Trump and Cruz. Trump is not a professional politician and does not have the political infrastructure to manipulate the system. Cruz is a professional politician whose years in Washington have given him an advantage into the way career politicians and able to use the system to pervert the true course of democracy.

Expect more similar attempts in other states as the anti Trump forces do all in their power to stop Donald Trump getting to the 1,237 delegate total necessary to clinch the nomination.




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The Trump Report: Lost In Louisiana — 4 Comments

  1. Well…We are talking about Louisiana. I’ve lived here all my life. Love my state, but hate the “Good Ole Boy” politics usually pertaining to the democratic side.
    With this election I guess the state republican constituency is caving in to outside pressure. TRUMP2016!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. Unfortunately this kind of ‘old boy’ politics is happening in more states than Louisiana. Many of these party faithfuls think they are doing what is necessary to save their party, but actually they are in great danger of destroying it.

        • You could have a point, after all they are RINOs. But it’s also time for real Republicans to get involved in the party at their local levels and keep pressure on the RINOs. They’ve had it their own way for far too long.

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