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The Cleveland Conspiracy

It is the worst kept secret of this presidential election campaign that there are significant elements within the Republican establishment who are actively conspiring to steal the nomination from Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

GOP Convention 2016 ClevelandNormally it doesn’t matter who the individual delegates are, because the choice given to the people during the primaries is between “establishment men”. In most cases the eventual nominee gathers a majority of delegates who are all bound to vote for him on the first ballot. He wins the nomination on the floor of the convention during the initial vote and it’s a done deal.

This year, however, Donald Trump’s success and personal appeal to the voters has meant that most of the establishment men have already been forced to drop out of the race.

Hence the establishment’s desperation to conspire to overthrow the democratically expressed wishes of the people during a rigged convention.


No First Ballot Success

This time the conspirators are banking on the fact that the nomination will not be decided on the first ballot, but in a series of procedural votes by the entire convention.

George-Soros John-KasichThat is one reason why Kasich is being paid by George Soros and others to stay in the race. He hasn’t a hope of winning anything, but if he dropped out of the race the 66 delegates he picked up for winning Ohio would then go to Trump, who placed second. The establishment are scared those 66 votes might be enough to put Trump over the 1,237 threshold for the nomination.

Similarly, Jeb Bush hasn’t suddenly renounced his “affair” with the establishment and fallen in love with Ted Cruz instead. Far from it. As part of the establishment, Jeb does not want to see Cruz winning the nomination either. Jeb will drop Cruz like a bad habit when it is time for an establishment stooge like Romney to emerge during the convention.

However, if Jeb “pretends” to support Cruz during the next few months, the establishment’s hope is that Cruz will be able to take enough votes from Trump to stop him from reaching the nomination quota.


Nothing Is As It Seems

Whether you are a Trump supporter or not, please be aware of the manipulations that are going on. Nothing is as it seems.

The establishment elite will do anything and everything they can to pervert the democratically expressed wishes of the American people. To those gullible enough to listen to them they lie. They say that they are trying to strengthen the Republican Party for the general election. The truth is that if they succeed it will tear the GOP apart.

All the establishment elite are really interested in is keeping their grip on power within the party. They really could care less who wins the general election. Either way the elite have the candidates bought and paid for.

cartoon time to talk about the trump in the roomThus the first part of their plan is to keep Trump from reaching the quota prior to the convention. If they can do that then the results of the primaries – and all your votes – become essentially meaningless.

Then, during the convention, the second part of their plan is to use procedural votes to adopt rules for the convention as recommended by the Rules Committee and the seating of the delegates as recommended by the Credentials Committee, neither of which will favor Donald Trump in any way.

Those key committees are made up of two members from each state and the conspirators have been quietly placing their establishment stooges in these positions.

Some Republican state chairmen, for example, in Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, North Dakota, and other states, are planting “Trojan Horse” delegates into slots won by Trump on the first ballot.

Though these “Trump” delegates will be bound by national and state rules to support Donald Trump through the first ballot at the convention, once the first ballot vote is over they would be free to vote against Trump’s interests on the adoption of Rules and the seating of delegates.

In other words, they are trying to “rig” the votes. The Cleveland conspirators want to make sure they have a working majority on the convention floor that will allow them to steal the nomination away from Donald Trump.


Will It Work?

It isn’t a new strategy. They did it to Ron Paul in 2012 using the rules and credentials committees. It worked for them then, but will it work in 2016?

ron_paul_rnc_delegate_floor_2012The establishment conspirators have been running the Republican Party for so long, and getting their own way for so long, that they haven’t realized things in the big wide open country outside their blinkered Washington view have changed.

In their deluded minds their plan to steal the nomination from Donald Trump will work just the same as it did with Ron Paul.

In one regard it will.

If they are successful in injecting Romney, or a similar stooge, into the nomination position they will go on to lose the general election as they did in 2008 and 2012.

But this time the consequences for the Republican Party will be very different.


“Operation 1237”

Donald Trump is running a very successful election campaign. The primary results so far prove that.

However, he has also done something else, something which has come as a surprise even to him.

Trump has managed to awaken the silent majority of Americans who previously either did not bother to get involved or just shrugged their shoulders and accepted whatever and whoever the elite had chosen for them.

Trump Rally American FlagToday Trump has become a leader for the ordinary voters. An alternative to doing the bidding of the elite who have become richer and richer while the ordinary people have become poorer and poorer and America itself turned into a debt-ridden shadow of its former glory.

Unfortunately, because of establishment propaganda – that the liberal left media has been only too willing and eager to swallow without question – too many people are still blinded by their irrational hatred of Donald Trump to even notice that the democratic foundation of their Nation is being destroyed by the very people who are conspiring to stop Trump’s nomination.

It is about time they opened their eyes to what is really going on. The ordinary people in the Land of the Free are being turned into the indentured servants of the elite.

Kasich and Cruz, either deliberately or unwittingly, have become part of the Cleveland Conspiracy to overthrow the democratically expressed wishes of the people.

The battle will intensify next month when more states, including Arizona, Colorado and North Dakota, begin selecting their convention delegates, using methods ranging from statewide and congressional district conventions to meetings of state party leaders to county-level votes or caucuses.

It would be nice if we could confound their plans and try to get Donald Trump enough votes – and delegates – before the convention in July. So if you are a Party member and a Trump supporter, get involved. Use whatever influence you may have to stop, or at the very least frustrate, the conspirators who wish to silence you.

There is an awful lot more at stake in this election than whether Donald Trump wins it or not. The future of America is being fought for. It is a battle that must not be lost.

Let “Operation 1,237” commence!




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  1. I support Trump!!! If the news would have a breakdown on TV about these candidates to destroy Trump as they did Ron Paul Trump would have stronger influence! Cruz told several people that God wanted him to be President! God isn’t a politician!

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