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Tomorrow South Carolina Votes

Tomorrow South Carolina votes. It is a winner-take-all state so the result is important. Each candidate has his eyes on the delegates it will provide.

south carolina primaryAll the candidates are making a big effort to capture as many votes as they can. Most doing it honestly, one sleazy individual in particular trying to trick voters into choosing him. I think we all know by now who that is.

As for the opinion polls, they all show Donald Trump still with a commanding lead in the state. Trump is polling very well even among evangelicals, despite efforts by both Rubio and Cruz to win them over.


The Trump Message Appeals

It turns out that a great many evangelicals are just as angry with what has happened to their country as anyone else. And they want someone in power who is different from the normal establishment career politicians and who will make the right changes when elected.

In complete contrast to what the political pundits would have us believe, Trump’s political message appeals to many of South Carolina’s conservative evangelicals, people who in previous years would probably never have thought of voting for a billionaire real estate developer and businessman.

brent-nelsen-smallerBrent Nelsen, a political science professor at Furman University in Greenville, S.C. agrees. According to Nelsen, “There are lot of evangelicals who are going for Trump. Guys at my church who I never would have thought would be that willing to vote for what seems to me to be a guy who is not real serious about his faith and at least not until he is running for office, but they don’t care.”

“Trump is very much drawing on the anger of so many people who feel like they haven’t gotten much out of recent changes in the economy,” Nelsen argued. “Donald Trump has decided that he is going to make it very clear that all the Republican leaders, in his mind, have not been doing their job and have not been representing the people that have voted for them for a long time and that he is finally going to do it.”


You Need To Vote

It is by no means a done deal as regards these votes, but people know the mess America is in especially when it hits them in their own communities and their own pockets. Strong national borders and prioritizing American workers over global trade are things that they can identify with and things that when fixed will improve their lives.

Trump make america great againYes, Trump can be crude and blunt at times, something that the other candidates are afraid to be in case someone takes offence. But many voters, not just in South Carolina, but throughout the entire country see honesty in those politically incorrect statements, and as we know honesty in politics is a very rare commodity.

It is looking good for Donald Trump in South Carolina tomorrow. But please if you are a supporter and resident in that state make the effort to get out and vote.





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