Donald Trump and His Finances

Before being elected as the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump was a businessman that made things work with his brand name. Apart from inheriting a small fortune from his father, Donald Trump managed to craft things for himself by getting himself involved in a number of projects. But which among them were his major highlights and what lies behind the brand name called “Trump”? Well, let’s discover answers for the same by looking into the financial life of Donald Trump long before he began to make policy decisions for the country.

Fred Trump and his children

Fred Trump died in the year 1999, and his estimated net wealth stood between $250 million and $300 million. But all that never directly reached the hands of Donald Trump. Fred Trump’s will divided $20 million after taxes among his living children. Apart from that, it is also known that in 2003, Donald and his siblings sold a portion of their father’s real estate holdings for around half a billion dollars. This particular deal was reviewed and known to be a good move, considering the brand name of Trump in 2003.

But the inheritance was not the only financial assistance that Fred Trump gave his son. In addition to the same, Fred also helped him by giving Donald access to trust funds and establishing a wealth of real estate. Due to all that, one can never forget the kind of impact that Fred Trump had on his son.

The Impact of the Apprentice

In terms of recognition, Trump soared new heights when he entered the entertainment scene. Although his start began with Wrestlemania in the 1980s, it managed to go ahead with The Apprentice. The show, aired in 2004, was responsible for skyrocketing his name and creating a unique description. With the Apprentice and its spin-off series, The Celebrity Apprentice, Trump managed to make around $214 million.


As a result, it was successful and brought forward a long list of aspects for the Trump family. The brand name that it created turned out to be a significant player in the market, and everyone was ready to team up with group Trump. Apart from finances, the show also made Trump famous.



Many of the properties that have Trump’s name aren’t actually owned by him. The Trump organization is known to partner up with a lot of developers by bringing forward licensing deals and other such aspects. Thanks to these agreements, Trump receives a regular stream of royalties. On the other hand, the developers also benefit as they get to market their property under the brand name called Trump. Hence, it is a clear win-win situation regardless of; however, you look at the same.

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