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Come On Iowa,

The Silent Majority Is Watching

Everything in this election up until now has been a sideshow. It has been a lot more interesting that previous campaigns because of Donald Trump’s entry into the race in June. And it has been entertaining to watch Trump in action and to laugh at the many failed attempts to try to stop him.

Election countdownBut today, February 1st, the battle begins in earnest. And the eyes of America’s silent majority are focused firmly on Iowa.

Today, when they caucus and vote, Iowans have the opportunity to lead the rest of the Nation in a new revolution to take back control of their country and to help to make America great again.

The result of today’s opening contest in Iowa will give us the first hard evidence of whether Donald Trump can turn his many fans and supporters into voters. The political pundits – who get everything wrong – think that trump does not have the organization on the ground to compete with professional politicians like Cruz, Rubio and Bush.


Trump = Success

But Trump comes from a very successful background as a businessman and the secret of that success has been good organization, getting the right people to work for him and motivating them to do a good job. There is no reason to think that his approach to electioneering for the presidency will be any different or any less successful.

Trump has put in a monumental effort so far. He has traveled throughout the country, holding dozens of well attended rallies, Even today he is still at it in Iowa, holding two more rallies in the state.

He has produced policy papers on key issues. He has articulated the fears and the hopes of ordinary Americans on national security, illegal immigration, jobs, the economy, foreign policy and healthcare. He has shrugged off attacks from Democrats and many attacks from within his own party too.

And he has put his own money on the line instead of relying on vested interests to fund his campaign in return for favors later.

By doing so he has topped every opinion poll that has been conducted.

Republican caucusNo other candidate has worked as hard on their campaign. No other President will work as hard for America.

Unlike in primaries, where voters can cast their ballots throughout the day, the Iowa caucuses begin across Iowa at 7 p.m. CST. Turnout is expected to be high, even higher than the previous record of 120,000 Republican Party supporters in 2012.

So come on Iowa, show the silent majority that you are with them.

Vote for Donald Trump at your caucuses today.




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