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When The Going Gets Tough….

Monday is February 1st and caucus day in Iowa.

iowa caucus 2016 logoThe weather predictors tell us that Iowans can expect freezing temperatures and a 60 percent chance of snow on Monday evening. Iowa weather on caucus night is predictably unpredictable and on Monday will test the mettle of those who are saying today that they plan to attend to give Donald Trump the boost he will need as the presidential race officially begins in earnest.

Trump has drawn “Yuuuge” crowds in Iowa as elsewhere, but many of the people who have joined in his movement to make America great again are not traditional caucus attendees. Their willingness to get out into the snow and cold on caucus night will depend on two crucial issues.

First, it will depend on the depth of their support for Donald Trump and the commitment of his supporters to the “cause”. No one really doubts that commitment, but experience has shown that getting people, who have never, or rarely, attended the caucuses in the past, is a tough task. That is the reason why polls have questions about how regular caucus attendees feel about the candidates. They, unlike newcomers, can usually be counted on to turn out on caucus night.

an iowa caucus 2012And second, a lot will depend on the Trump campaign’s ability to identify and deliver those who may otherwise stay home. On that score Trump has enlisted some of the state’s most able organizers on to his team. His state director, Chuck Laudner, for example, put together the Rick Santorum organization that surprised everyone in Iowa and nationally four years ago.


Prove The Pundits Wrong – Again!

The professional political pundits – who got everything wrong so far in this campaign – still say that Donald Trump is all show, draws crowds because he’s more a celebrity and an entertainer than a real candidate, and that many of those who stand in line for hours to see his performances won’t show up on caucus night.

211-iowa-thumb-480x270Monday February 1st is the day Iowans can prove the pundits wrong again by making the effort to turn out to support Donald Trump at the caucuses. It won’t be easy for many, but Iowans are tough people, used to harsh weather conditions. They are also patriotic Americans who know that in Trump they have the best chance in many decades to change the political landscape in the country, not just for this election but for many years to come.

A victory in Iowa is not essential for Trump. But he wants it. He has said so on many occasions when it would have been much easier not to. If the people in Iowa respond, they will set the tone for the rest of the country and create what could be the beginning of a landslide victory throughout the country for Donald Trump.

So people of Iowa, bad weather or not, it’s time for the tough to get going.

Please make the effort and get out to those caucuses and vote for Donald Trump.




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