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A group of prominent grassroots conservatives have created “TrumPAC” to support Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency.

TrumPAC logoIt has the financial support of a major GOP donor, William Doddridge, the CEO of the Jewelry Exchange, one of the country’s largest jewelry companies.

Dodderidge decided to start TrumPAC, as an independent outside group, because he thinks Trump is the best candidate in the presidential race.

He is quoted as saying, “Trump’s business acumen sets him apart from the field and is exactly what we need in the Oval Office. I have talked to so many friends and colleagues who want to get involved supporting Donald Trump, and TrumPAC is a great way for them to do just that. I’m proud to work with our grassroots leaders to support this movement.”


The Team

Working alongside Doddridge will be Amy Kremer, a key leader in the Tea Party movement who formerly served as chairman of the Tea Party Express and now will take on the role of TrumPAC’s spokeswoman and co-founder.

Bill Doddridge, CEO of the Jewelry Exchange stands in his Tustin, CA showroom.The group’s attorney will be Dan Backer, a prominent conservative election attorney who represented GOP activist Shaun McCutcheon, who brought a case to the Supreme Court challenging the limit on overall campaign finance contributions.

In an interview, Kremer said the group had so far raised a six-figure sum and was looking to attract additional donors. The goal of the super PAC, she said, was to unite the party around Donald Trump, who is in a tight race with Ted Cruz in Iowa.

“We’re trying to get everyone on the same page because we’re working for the same cause,” she said.


Significant Change

The formation of TrumPAC is a indicator of a significant change in how Donald Trump’s campaign is being viewed. Months ago, many thought Trump’s candidacy was a joke. Then they thought it would fizzle out. Or be too controversial for most voters with numerous politically incorrect statements. Or just fail due to lack of politically experienced people in his team.

crowd at trump-rally-springfieldInstead, as we know, none of these things happened. The American people have flocked to support Trump. They like his no nonsense, tell-it-as-it-really-is, style. And they like the bold solutions he has voiced to solve the problems that matter to the American people. They believe Trump can make America great again.

Without any help from outside sources Trump has been top of the polls, and by a large margin, for many months. With the help of this new TrumPAC it may allow him to solidify his lead still further and perhaps increase it significantly as some of the other no-hope candidates drop out after the Iowa and New Hampshire votes,

Just days before the Iowa caucuses TrumPAC has released its first radio ad. It features a who’s who of conservative grassroots leaders who have thrown their support behind the GOP front runner, and praises Trump as the candidate who is not beholden to lobbyists and donors and who is capable of “making the deals” the country needs.

The one-minute commercial spotlights Amy Kremer, a Tea Party leader and co-founder of the group, who tells listeners, “I’m excited to tell you about something that’s happening across the nation. Conservatives are rallying around Donald Trump for president. They know he’s not beholden to the lobbyists, donors, and political insiders.”

The spot also highlights several recent endorsements for Trump, including one from Sarah Palin.

In a statement, TrumPAC said it was releasing the ad in response to a barrage of attack ads from a newly formed anti-Trump super PAC founded by a former top Mitt Romney aide, Katie Packer. (To see a recent Trump Report on that titled “An Unprincipled PAC” click here.)

Packer’s unprincipled PAC has already done a mailer campaign and some radio ads attacking Donald Trump and on Tuesday launched a seven-figure TV buy also targeting Trump.


No Strings Attached

Trump is an extremely wealthy man and is self-funding his own campaign. He has refused tens of millions of dollars from donors already, because he knows their money comes with great big strings attached. But as the election progresses and big money starts flowing towards rival candidates Trump will need all the help he can get.

The efforts of TrumPAC, whose money does not come with any strings attached, should go a long way in helping him take his poll topping campaign right into the Oval Office.

When that happens it will be one of the biggest upsets in American political history – and one of the greatest political victories for the American people.

You could even say “Yuuuuuge!”




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