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Fox Out-Foxed By Trump

It has been said more than once on The Trump Report that this presidential election is like no other. Yesterday was no exception. Donald Trump managed to completely out-fox Fox News by refusing to bow down to their insults and take part in their debate.

trump special event for veterans turn off fox newsAnd guess what?

He won it by not even being there. He upstaged them all.

Instead of a debate that people would tune in to watch in their millions, what Fox News ended up with were two mediocre undercard debates and a greatly diminished audience.


This Election Is About Trump

Like it or not, this election is about Donald Trump. He has set the agenda of the campaign. He has led almost from the moment he entered the race. And he has exposed the failings of the establishment men.

With just days to go before Iowa holds the first nominating contest of the 2016 election season, boycotting the seventh debate was a ballsy move by Trump. But it seems to have paid off.

santorum, trump, huckabee at trump's special event for veteransInstead of attending a seventh debate, Donald trump held a competing event a few miles away that raised at least $6 million for U.S. military veterans, including a $1 million donation from himself. A remarkable total for the night (with more donations to come) and a remarkable achievement that, with just one day’s notice on a weeknight, he was able to fill to capacity a hall at Drake University that holds 700.

In doing so, he put his rivals in an impossible position. If they took part in a now largely irrelevant debate they would do themselves very little good politically. If, at the same time, they ignored an event for America’s veterans they would harm themselves politically.

The only rival candidates who came out of this with their honor and integrity intact were Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, who attended Trump’s Veterans Event and spoke well on behalf of behalf of America’s veterans.


Scramble For Second Place

And that is how it turned out or the others. The debate was irrelevant. What took place was very much a scramble for second place, in which no one seemed to win. The seventh debate just might as well not have happened.

But actually it turned out to be more than that.

7th debate participantsIt also provided a sad reminder of what Republican Party presidential debates have been like in previous years. Without Trump it was dull, unexciting, uninspiring, lacking that spark of uncertainty that Trump’s presence provides. Great if you were tired and needed a couple of extra hours sleep, but if you were looking for excitement this one did not fit the bill.

Cruz and Rubio bickered about immigration and national security, but it was a poor show. Jeb (low energy) Bush at one point tried to turn turned a question about religious tolerance into an attack on Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, but without Trump being there it fell as flat as the rest of Jeb’s campaign.

Even after seven months, none of Trump’s rival candidates have figured out how to handle him, or how to stop him dominating events – even when he isn’t there. That is both a tribute to Trump’s political savvy and to their lack of it.

We will know with more certainty in a few days when the initial voting gets underway, but at this point in time it is difficult to see how the commander-in-chief of this election race won’t end up as commander-in-chief in the White House come November.

But you still need to get out and vote.




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