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Obama Funds Terrorism,

And He Knows It!

In exchange for the release of five American hostages held by Iran, the Obama administration has sent them another $1.7 billion.

So much for never negotiating with terrorists!

And now that Obama has made the once proud United States surrender to the terrorists what do you imagine they will they do with the money?

That’s easy. They will use it to finance more terrorism.

john kerry cnbc admitting US payments to Iran will finance terrorismSuch is the current state of the US government that even Secretary of State Kerry is forced to admit as much.

When challenged by CNBC on the use of the unfrozen $150 billion in assets Iran will access as part of the nuclear deal as well as the swap payoff, Kerry said, “I think that some of it will end up in the hands of the IRGC [Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps] or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists.”

He also said there was nothing the U.S. could do to prevent that, which is a blatant lie. If they had negotiated a proper deal with Iran they would not have had to pay anything.


The Bad Deal Keeps Getting Worse

The problem has been caused because of the gutlessness, stupidity and awful negotiating skills that Obama and Kerry displayed while making the worst deal in history with the terrorist state. It just keeps getting worse.

death-ayatollahThe terrorist groups that Iran funds include Hezbollah, an organization that has been on the State Department’s list of “groups considered terrorists” since 1997.

Another one is Hamas, which was put on the Foreign Terrorist Organizations list at the same time.

And then there is the Quds, the special forces unit of the IRGC, also on the terrorist group list.

With the billions of dollars that Obama as given Iran, and the additional money they will make selling their oil now that sanctions have also been lifted as part of the rotten deal, Iran has more than enough money to fund these and many other Islamic terror groups.

On this one issue alone it is time for a change of leadership.

Donald Trump would not make these mistakes so, if you care about the future safety of America, vote accordingly.




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