The Trump Report – An Unprincipled PAC

With only a few days left until the Iowa caucuses, a new super PAC has formed with the intention of taking down Donald Trump.

The group, which, rather amusingly and hypocritically, is called “Our Principles PAC”, has been founded by Katie Packer, a veteran Republican strategist who served as deputy campaign manager on Mitt Romney’s 2012 failed presidential campaign and who bears a striking resemblance to another Trump hater, Rosie O’Donnell.

The group has already sent out mailers to Iowa voters attacking Trump. The caucus in Iowa will be held on February 1st.

In a filing with the Federal Election Commission, the group has reported spending nearly $45,000 on mailers.

Establishment Hypocrisy

Packer is just one of the Republican establishment hacks who have been trying to undermine Trump. They have wasted months talking to Republican donors and operatives to gauge financial interest in an anti-Trump campaign.

She refused to say whether she had spoken with Romney about the group, although it is known that he has been privately expressing worry to former aides about Trump’s ongoing lead in the primary. Perhaps he is frightened of vote and a campaign that will put his pathetic effort in 2012 to shame?

Another example of establishment hypocrisy and ingratitude since Trump was a financial supporter of Romney’s failed bid in 2012.

Expect more dirty tricks and behind backs deals from some of these establishment no-goods as the election campaign trail continues.

They are truly an unprincipled PAC!

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