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The Union In A State

president-obama-state-of-the-union-2016Obama’s State of the Union should have been retitled “How many lies can you tell in 58 minutes and 44 seconds” because that is how long his speech lasted and, as suspected, that is exactly what the people of America were subjected to Tuesday evening – lies.

Lies and convenient failure to state any facts that would have been at odds with Obama’s demented ego.


National Security

Obama said, “no nation dares to attack us or our allies.”

Iran-releases-images-of-US-sailors-surrendering-before-captureWhen he told that whopper he already knew that Iran had dared to attack us and had taken 10 sailors and two US Navy craft hostage. He and Kerry made the humiliation even worse a few days later when they actually thanked the Iranians for what they had done!

He also said, “The United States of America is the most powerful nation on Earth,” conveniently omitting the fact that during his administration America’s once mighty military has been eviscerated and is now a pale shadow of its former glory.

He said, “Our troops are the finest fighting force in the history of the world,” but he forgot to add “Before I became President,” because sadly under his watch that is no longer the case.

cartoon Obama global warming bigger threat than Islamic terrorismObama boasted about the “global coalition” he had formed to counter Iran’s nuclear program, conveniently forgetting that he and Secretary of State Kerry have signed a deal with Iran that hands them nuclear capability without any meaningful scrutiny from outside sources – and gives them the money to pay for it.

He also said that America was “…threatened less by evil empires and more by failing states.” Another blatant lie. Together Obama and Hillary Clinton have created hellishly evil empires in Iraq and Libya and if Obama had got his way by overthrowing Assad in Syria, it too would already be a haven for more murderous Islamic terrorists.


The Economy

The economy was another area where the truth was hard to find in the State of the Union address.

Obama debt increaseApparently 14 million jobs have been created since Obama took office. But he made no mention of the cost of those jobs.

$8 trillion in additional debt has been accumulated since he was inaugurated seven years ago. In other words, every single job created has cost nearly $600,000 in additional government debt.

An economy that grows debt by 77 percent while increasing GDP by only 13 percent is hardly something to be proud of.




This deluded fool of a president has lost his grip on reality.

He refuses to look at what is really happening in the world. He will not accept that his policies, from Obamacare to stupid foreign adventures, have been catastrophic failures that have put the country into billions more debt and achieved nothing.

Worst of all he considers global warming a bigger threat to America’s national security than terrorism, even to the point of refusing to admit that there is such a thing as Islamic terrorism.

obama headacheObama’s presidency is now a complete and total failure.

After his two terms in charge he has indeed left the Union in a State.

The country is weaker, poorer, more divided that ever, and under attack from enemies and forces that Obama and Clinton have helped to create and nurture.

Only one candidate in the presidential race has the background experience and more importantly, the courage, to try to right the wrongs done to America during Obama’s reign.

That candidate is Donald Trump. Please vote accordingly and help to make America great again.

Donald Trump for President 2016




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