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Are YOU Afraid

To Say What YOU Think?

The liberal left, with all their political correct bullying, has created an America where people are afraid to say what they really think. Donald Trump being the notable exception.

For example, in PC-speak, “illegal immigrants” have become “undocumented aliens” as far as the Washington politicians and the media are concerned.

But by deleting the word “illegal” from our vocabulary we are giving an undeserved legitimacy to people who have, and are, breaking the laws of the land.

cartoon illegal is illegalOf course, Obama is doing his best, as is Hillary, to have the laws changed, but that is not an answer. That will only help to weaken America, which seems to be their goal.

Ignoring laws empowers the law breakers.

Take what is happening in Oregon, for example. There, a group of illegal immigrants are suing the State because Oregon voters have decided to pass a law forbidding illegal immigrants from getting drivers’ licenses.

Or, what about Huntington Park, located just southeast of downtown Los Angeles, California, where other illegals are in the process of taking over the town council. Two illegal immigrants have already been appointed as unpaid city commissioners.

There are other examples and many more will follow if something is not done to stop this nonsense.


Disrespect For The Law

When the laws of the land are not enforced it encourages, even demands, disrespect from the lawbreakers.

judge's gavelUnfortunately this liberal rot has also made its way into the court system. The courts are supposed to be in the business of upholding the rule of law but they too have been infected by politically correctness and have started to do the opposite.

When cases like, for example, the one in Oregon come before the court, the judge should immediately order that the illegals be taken into custody until such times as they can be deported from the United States.

However, what is much more likely to happen in politically correct America is that the case brought by the illegal immigrants will be allowed to succeed.


Trump Is Correct

Donald Trump is absolutely correct about the problem of illegals in America. It is pathetic that he has not been supported wholeheartedly by the Republican Party establishment and the other presidential hopefuls. Far from it in fact. Rubio is an out-an-out amnesty man and Bush blathers on about “acts of love” instead of doing anything about the problem.

Thanks to the failure of Washington politicians to recognize and do something about the problem of illegal immigration, America now has an entire under-class of people whose first act in this country was to break American laws.

If you first act on American soil is to break the law, and you are not punished but actually rewarded for doing so, what incentive is there to keep other laws?

And, most importantly, what kind of citizens will they be if Rubio, Bush and Hillary Clinton get their way with amnesty?

To put it bluntly and politically incorrectly, these are not the type of people America needs or wants. Any country is only as strong as its laws and its determination to enforce them. Where laws do not matter, lawlessness and chaos take its place.

Trump illegal immigration if it werent for me quoteThat is where political correctness is leading America and that is why we need a strong person like Donald Trump in charge.

Political correctness or not, you do have the chance to say what you really think in the forthcoming primaries, caucuses and general election this year. And nobody can stop you from doing it but yourself.

Don’t be bullied by the liberal left. Don’t be misled by the liberal media. And don’t be afraid to have you say in America’s future.

Get out and vote. And vote for Donald Trump, the candidate who will make America great again.




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