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What Will The Establishment

Do Next?

The Republican Party establishment’s first choice for the presidential nomination, Jeb Bush, hasn’t made the grade. He started well enough, until Donald Trump entered the race and provided an alternative to the bought-and-paid-for politicians we had become used to.

jeb_bush the front runner that nobody is voting forFrom then on he faded badly and quickly. He’s been in low single digit territory for months now, despite spending north of $50 million from his war chest.

So much so, that the signs are that the Republican establishment is about to ditch him completely. Their only predicament is who to pin their hopes on now.


Rubio, Rubio, Wherefore Art Thou?

Their propaganda machine would have everyone believe that Gang of Eight amnesty man Rubio is now the one. The candidate who will take over when Trump’s campaign dissolves and he quits.

Rubio, the Boy BlunderI know, I know, it is pure fantasy, but that is what these idiots still believe, even after six poll topping months of Donald Trump as the runaway leader.

The last televised debate in Las Vegas was supposed to be the breakout moment for Rubio. The Vegas debate was where he was supposed to win hands down and create new momentum for his campaign.

That’s what all the GOP strategists were telling the establishment. These are the people the elite still believe in, despite the fact that they helped them to lose the last two presidential elections and have got absolutely nothing right about this one so far.

It didn’t happen for Rubio in Las Vegas. Trump won the debate. And Cruz, who finally took on Rubio, bested him in every department. Rubio failed to perform when it really mattered.

The post debate polling figures confirmed it. Trump’s lead increased, Cruz picked up a few points, but Rubio’s poll numbers have either stalled or declined.


Choices To Make

So where does that leave the establishment for 2016?

Will they go back to flogging the dead horse that is Jeb Bush?

Will they stick with their new establishment man Rubio, even though he is one of the Gang of Eight and remains one of the weakest on the key issue of illegal immigration?

Or will they transfer their support to someone else?

3 choicesThe first option, continuing to support Bush, is the most unlikely of the three. That ship has sailed and sank.

The second option, supporting their other establishment man Rubio, is a short term possibility. They seem to have managed to get Trey Gowdy to endorse Rubio, but, despite being popular with many people, Gowdy is another career politician who has been in office during several crucial years of the Obama administration when nothing – repeat, nothing – was done to try to stop the damage that Obama was and is doing to America. In the longer term I doubt very much if this or any other endorsement will nullify the negatives of Gang of Eight member Rubio.

If the establishment chooses option number three, transferring their support to someone else, then the question is who will they choose?

They hate Trump and they don’t like Cruz. Carson’s numbers have tanked. Kasich is weak on conservative and Republican policies. Paul is too much of an independent thinker for the establishment to ever get behind. And Huckabee says he will drop out if he doesn’t poll well in the Iowa Caucuses and all the signs say he will not do well there.

None of the rest of the candidates has made any impact whatever during the race so far and they are unlikely to do so at this late stage.


The Answer Is Obvious

The establishment has caught itself in a dilemma made out of its own stupidity.

To everyone else the answer is obvious. Swallow your pride and get behind the front runner candidate, Donald Trump.

Trump sign make America great againPut aside the fact that Trump is not a career politician and Republican Democrat. Forget that he isn’t in the pockets of the elite, like most of the others, and cannot be controlled and manipulated. And stop running scared of the fact that he most certainly isn’t politically correct and unafraid to meet the crucial issues like illegal immigration and national security head on, while Jeb and Marco dither and splutter.

Like him or not, Trump has the ability to motivate the voters. He is the candidate who wants to make America great again. And he is the candidate who can defeat Clinton in a straight head-to-head with the Republican Party united behind him.

So choose Trump and win. Or choose another Republican Democrat and lose another election that could so easily be won.




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