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It’s Trump vs Clinton

– And Clinton’s Worried!

According to multiple recent national presidential polls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are statistically tied.

And Clinton is worried!

clinton-trumpA Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of 1,000 likely voters nation-wide asked who they would support if the presidential election were held today. 37 percent said Clinton while 36 percent said Trump.

The poll’s margin of error is 3 percentage points, meaning Clinton and Trump are in a statistical dead heat.

The Rasmussen poll is in line with with another recent survey by CNN/ORC which also had Trump and Clinton within the margin of error.

Hillary Clinton is worried and so she should be. But these are very encouraging results for Donald Trump. He has recently escalated his attacks against Clinton but these are only opening salvos.

Rest assured once the distraction of the other Republican candidates is removed and Trump gets the nomination, you will see a full scale attack that will leave Clinton reeling to defeat next November.

Hopefully results like these, which are once again against everything the political pundits would have us believe, will make the GOP come to its senses and back the best candidate they have – Donald Trump.




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