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Pataki Packs It In

Sources within the George Pataki’s campaign confirmed that he is planning to call it a day after receiving less than 1 percent in most recent WMUR/CNN poll.

George Pataki-AP-GOP-2016-Debate.1The former New York governor has already called some of his supporters in New Hampshire to tell them of his decision.

It is a wise and overdue decision. Pataki’s campaign never really got going during 2015 and wasn’t about to in 2016 either.

Although people at the bottom of the polls have no votes worth talking about to be picked up by the other candidates, getting them out of the way does clarify things for the real contenders, the main one of which is of course Donald Trump.

Another of his Republican opponents, Lindsey Graham, dropped out of the race last week.

Look out for a few more in the New Year.




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