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Clinton Funded

By Radical Islam?

We all know by now that the greedy Clintons would take money from anyone, any time, anywhere, for anything.

Fethullah GulenNow it appears that a radical Islamic cleric, Fethullah Gulen, has funded Hillary Clinton’s family foundation and her presidential campaign to the tune of almost $1 million.

The source of much of the funds given to Clinton appears to be cash skimmed from taxpayer-funded paychecks. Many of the donations are, at least in part, taken from the salaries of teachers on H-1B visas.

Investigations conducted in several states and by the FBI have found that the Gulen movement relies heavily on the H-1B visa system to fill its schools with Turkish teachers. In turn, the teachers — mostly males who often know little English — donate a large portion of their taxpayer-funded salaries to the Gulen movement.


More Visas Than Google

In 2009, for example, Gulen charter schools received more H-1B visas than Google, a massive company by comparison. Audits conducted in some locales also showed that some of the taxpayer-funded Gulen schools have paid more for immigration attorneys for their Turkish teachers than they have for books.

h1b-visaGulen himself has lived in Pennsylvania’s Pocono mountains since 1998, when he went into exile from Turkey amid accusations that he plotted to undermine the secular regime that was in place at the time,

He is also accused of ordering the false imprisonment of three followers of a competing religious sect, according to documents filed in federal court.

Despite his history of radical Islam, Gulen’s network have been prized Clinton donors.

Recep Ozkan, a businessman who has served as president of the Gulen-affiliated Turkish Cultural Center, contributed as much as $1 million to Clinton’s global charity in the third quarter of 2015.

The Gulenist leader also contributed the maximum amount allowed under federal law to Clinton’s presidential campaign.


Clinton Greed

He and another Gulen leader, Gokhan Ozkok, served as national finance co-chairs for Ready PAC, a political action committee created last year to support Clinton.

As a senator from New York, Clinton attended at least two functions at the Turkish Cultural Center.

If Clinton were honest and principled she would return suspiciously sourced money like the Gulenists’ contributions, but we all know there is little chance of that happening. Honesty and principle are not two words that come to mind when describing any of the Clintons.

hillary-clinton-duh_lookHow much chance do you think there will be of Hillary Clinton doing anything to combat the problem of radical Islam when clerics like Gulen are giving her hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund her political campaign?

There is only one candidate standing for President who is not a paid stooge of outside interests and that is Donald Trump.

Think wisely before you vote and choose someone who cannot be bought and who will work for the good of the American people who elected him.




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