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Between A Rock

And An Easy Place

“Dumb as a rock” Jeb Bush has challenged Donald Trump to a debate!

Yes, you read that correctly. Jeb wants a head-to-head debate with Republican front runner Donald Trump.

Bush threw out the challenge, which smacks of complete desperation, at a recent rally.

A point of clarification for Trump Report readers – when the term “rally” is used in the Jeb sense it does not mean the kind of numbers that are attending Trump rallies all over the country. For Jeb we’re talking more about dozens rather than thousands.

As if to prove that point, Jeb was speaking to a gathering at the Forum Club in Palm Beach, Florida when he issued his challenge. Bush was asked by the moderator what he would say to Trump if he were to walk in the room at that moment.

face rock 1 debateRegardless of the numbers at his rallies or the numbers that have got him to three percent in the polls Jeb replied, “Donald, I’ll take you on one-on-one in a debate, any time, any place. You name it and I’ll do it.”

It was a bit of spontaneous bravado and probably went down well with those in the room at the time. But when he reflects on it he may consider it to be rather reckless.

The only reason Jeb is still in the race and able to issue such silly challenges is because he still has some money left in his establishment war chest, not because of the support he has. He has already blown $50 million and more on attack ads against Trump which have had no effect whatsoever and have not improved his own standing in the polls either.

Trump laughingJeb Bush may be a “rock” but he is no Rocky Balboa. Trump can take Bush easily. Probably by a knock-out in the first round. We know that from confrontations they have had during some of the televised debates. A Trump thump beats a Jeb jab any time.

The question for Donald Trump to consider is, is it worth his time to give a publicity boost to a candidate who has already tanked and is more or less on his way out of the race.

On the other hand, Trump says Jeb keeps inching closer and closer to the edge of the debate stage. A head-to-head debate like that, with nowhere to hide, could be a campaign-ender for Jeb.

We’ll be ring-side if it happens!




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