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Independent Run

For The White House?

Remember back to June/July 2015 when all the talk was about Donald Trump and whether he would run as an independent if the Republican Party elite did not treat him as fairly as the other candidates?

Trump signs pledgeThe whole thing reached such a crescendo that the GOP even got Trump to sign a declaration that he would not run as an independent. The quid pro quo was that if he did win the nomination his rival candidates and the Republican Party as a whole would support him for the presidency.

Although Trump signed the pledge and has stuck by it, his rival candidates have not. Neither have the GOP elite who still spend much of their time organizing dinner parties and trying to think up ways of ensuring Trump does not win the nomination.


Strange Twist Of Fate

There may well be a lot more of that battle to come during 2016, so stay tuned. But in a strange twist of fate, it now seems it is the Democrats who may have the threat of an independent running against them.

In the first Democrat debate there were four candidates, not three. The fourth man was former Virginia Senator Jim Webb. But after low poll numbers and a minimal impact on the debate stage he quit the presidential race on Oct. 20, 2015.

However, although no one paid much attention at the time, Webb did leave open the possibility that he would return for a White House run in a different political guise – as an independent.

Nothing much was heard until Saturday morning when Webb used Twitter and Facebook to attack Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton for her handling of Libya during her time as Secretary of State.

jim webb presidential bidOn Twitter Webb announced,

Hillary Clinton’s failed vision in Libya & the Arab Spring are foreign policy leadership at its worst. https://t.co/NC80rbKLfP

— Jim Webb (@JimWebbUSA) December 26, 2015

On his Facebook page, Webb said, among other things that, “Clinton should be called to account for her inept leadership that brought about the chaos in Libya.”

Webb knows that there is a lot of unease within the Democrat voter base at the way the Obama administration and particularly Hillary Clinton have behaved.

He knows that the party has become a veritable laughing stock, dominated by rabid politically correct global warming gun-grabbers.

He knows that Obama and Hillary are weak on national security, even weaker on fighting terrorism and hopelessly lost when it comes to foreign affairs.

And, most important of all, he knows Hillary Clinton is and unworthy and unsuitable candidate for the presidency, and that many decent Democrat supporters will never vote for her.


Deciding Factor

In a tight race, which 2016 is shaping up to be, even a small base of support could make Webb a deciding factor as to who wins the presidency.

It has happened before. In 1980 Ross Perot’s intervention was enough for “Daddy” Bush to lose and in 2000 Ralph Nader’s independent candidacy was enough to push G W Bush ahead of Al Gore in Electoral College votes. It could happen again.

Hillary-Clinton-Is-A-Grandma-But-NotMyAbuelaUnlike Donald Trump, Webb does not have the financial resources or the volunteers on the ground to win as an independent or probably even get on the ballot in many states.

But his intervention could take a lot of the middle ground Democrat voters away from “Not My Abuela” Clinton who is desperately trying to be all things to all people in her pursuit of power, but failing miserably.

Of course at the moment all this is pure speculation. No one but Webb (and probably not even him) knows for sure if he is going to run. However, if he does it will make an already interesting election even more so.

And it won’t do Donald Trump any harm either!




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