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Assad Obama

Over the past few years we have had to endure statement after statement from Obama about the dire need for regime change in Syria.

No Obama lie has been told more often or better highlights his failures and weakness as president.

Such is Obama’s poor grasp of foreign policy – if not to say, “reality” – that he does not understand, even after the catastrophe he and Hillary Clinton created in Libya when they overthrew Gaddafi, that as objectionable as some of these dictators may be, they are by far the lesser of two evils.

obama putin assadObama has handled this situation so badly that some elements within the US military began tacitly cooperating with Assad two years ago after becoming concerned with Turkey and Saudi Arabia’s support for Sunni extremists.

Aiming to topple yet another strong dictator in the Middle East was always a tactical and strategic disaster. All it would achieve would be to leave a power void and the only people capable of filling that void would be the ISIS terrorists and similar groups.

Donald Trump knows this and he has said so in many of his speeches and interviews.


Strong Leader, Weak Leader

It was left to the hapless Kerry to do Obama’s dirty work for him. After meeting the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in Moscow, Kerry announced to the world that, “The United States and our partners are not seeking so-called regime change.”

Perhaps we need to thank President Putin, rather than Obama, for the change of heart. Putin is a strong leader. Obama is a weak leader. Putin does not want regime change in Syria. Obama does want regime change in Syria.

There was only one outcome really. Thankfully on this occasion it was the sensible option.

trump putinBut who knows what will happen in the future. Maybe on another occasion the circumstances may be a lot different and what is in Russia’s interest will not be in America’s.

Even more reason to ensure that we elect a strong leader as President in 2016.

Even more reason to elect Donald Trump.




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