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Trump Ends 2015 In Poll Position!

CNN/ORC has just published its final poll of 2015. It is a national poll of registered Republican voters, and guess who dominates the field? Why, it’s Donald Trump, of course.

No surprise there really. Trump has been the poll topper for many months now.

CNN-ORC poll Trump dominates GOP field heading into 2016In this CNN/ORC poll Donald Trump is way out in front with 39 percent support, more than the total of the next three candidates combined.

His nearest rival is again Ted Cruz, but with only 18 percent – still 21 points behind Trump.

Only two others score in double digits, Carson (down 4 points since November) and Rubio (down 2 points) are in joint third position, with 10 percent each.

Christie has made it into 5th position with an appropriate 5 percent. Paul is 1 point behind him with 4 percent and another point behind him is Jeb Bush now in 7th position still with 3 percent.

Bringing up the rear are Huckabee and Kasich with 2 percent each and following them Fiorina with only 1 percent.

Pataki, Santorum and Gilmore fail to register. These last three, at least, should reconsider their position and do the decent thing a withdraw from the race.

It is another great result for Donald Trump, who seems set to end 2015 as the dominant front runner in the race for next year’s Republican nomination for president.



Trump has been a consistent poll topper since shortly after entering the race in June. The number two position has altered over time with Carson and Rubio being replaced by Cruz. Another momentary challenger, Fiorina, has seen her vote collapse completely and she is barely on the score sheet with only 1 percent.

Trump '16 for PresidentAlthough this is a national poll, it does leave Donald Trump in a strong position for the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, now just a few weeks away.

2016 is shaping up to be an interesting year.


For those interested in more details of the CNN/ORC poll results please click here.




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