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Up Yours, Obama!

We know Obama could care less about the American people and what they think. But now the feeling appears to be mutual. The American people couldn’t care less about what Obama thinks either.

Cartoon-Gun-Control-for-DummiesA few weeks ago the New York Times ran a front page liberal editorial – the first front page editorial since 1920 – pontificating about gun control and trying to influence Americans to go along with whatever attempt Obama is going to make to try to get round the 2nd Amendment.

Red faces all round at the NYT now, however. It didn’t work. Hardly anyone listened.

In a poll taken between December 4-8, 2015, and for the first time in 20 years of NYT polling, the majority of Americans OPPOSE an assault weapons ban.

Only 44 percent were in favor of such a ban, with 50 percent polling in opposition.

According to NYU political scientist Patrick Egan, the opposition to such a ban is up 16 percentage points from the numbers seen in 2011. Moreover, support for an assault weapons ban is down 19 percent.

The real swing in numbers can be seen by contrasting the latest figures with the first poll NYT took on the topic during January 2-3, 1995. At that time support for a ban was at 67 percent, while opposition to a ban was at 27 percent.


Sales Skyrocketing

Since the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California on December 2nd, AR-15 sales have been skyrocketing, so much so that suppliers cannot keep up with demand.

AR-15Sales received a further boost on Dec 6th when Obama renewed his call for an assault weapons ban. This President is so dumb he doesn’t even know he is the best salesman the gun industry ever had!

The NYT, Obama and all their liberal supporters must be going crazy over this result.

Even more so because it seems that Donald Trump has captured the real mood of America – yet again!




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