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How The Media Attacks Trump

It is a given fact that the vast majority of the media is unsympathetic towards Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Not surprising since they have a clear left-wing liberal bias. Many of them are registered Democrats too.

donald trump megyn kellyWe saw examples of the bias and bad behavior during the Republican candidates’ first three televised debates with Fox news and CNBC in particular unable to even make a pretense of fair play and even-handedness when it came to dealing with Donald Trump. They were soundly condemned by all right thinking viewers and commentators for their unfairness.

In day to day matters too, such as the coverage of Trump’s election campaign, the media also continually and deliberately misrepresents what Trump says.

They sensationalize non events and comments. They promote his rival candidates well beyond the attention they deserve based on their polling figures and popularity among voters.

And then, when all that is not enough, they just lie about Trump.


If There Is No Story Make One Up

Sadly this is the standard of journalism in America today. The media no longer “reports” the news. They try to “create” the news and manipulate and distort the truth so that it appears to back up their lies.

trump muslim registryWhen there is no story and no controversy they make one up.

Recently, for example, the media manufactured a story that said Trump called for a registry of Muslims.

He didn’t.

It was a reporter who put forward the idea of the registry in a loaded question for Trump and then turned that into a story that Trump had called for the registry.

The New York Times printed the lie on its front page and CNN produced a fraudulent video clip to back up the lie.


Muslims And 9/11

Then there is the hyped up controversy of Trump’s comments that some Muslims cheered during and after the 9/11 attacks.

The media has jumped all over this and called Trump a liar. But most people know that Trump’s claim is true. There are many reports from the period that confirm it and there have been many eyewitness accounts that have verified what he said.

Yet the media are doing their best to suppress these and have been trying to cover up the fact that those celebrations did indeed happen. Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler was more or less caught in the act of trying to bury reports of these celebrations.

The video evidence of these blood-lust celebrations in America may have been destroyed or suppressed, but we saw another sickening example during a recent international soccer match between Turkey and Greece when the Muslim Turks refused to participate in a moment of silence in respect for the victims of the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris. Instead they jeered and chanted in gleeful celebration at the murder of 130 innocents.

Sadly this is typical of the behavior of many Islamists who believe that the deaths of non-Muslims is something to be celebrated.

Had Christians behaved in this disrespectful and disgraceful way you know very well that they would have been condemned in all sections of the media.


Still Winning Big

So it is an uphill battle for Donald Trump. Not only does he have the elite within his own party trying to undermine him, but the media are also against him.

supporters at trump rallyHowever, despite the dice being very much loaded against him, Trump is still winning big and still top of the polls in almost every state and nationally too.

He continues to confound his critics and the political pundits. Everything that should destroy his campaign only seems to make him stronger, which is a tribute not only to Trump’s determination and resilience, but also to the good sense of the American people whose support for him does not waver.




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